Window Treatments

Premium Window Treatments for Luxurious Home Styling   

Premium window treatments add a touch of luxury to the home while providing necessary functionality, acting as a must-do for every space. Inside Story’s online catalogue of versatile window treatments, including blinds, curtains, motorisation, shutters, and much more — making it easy to create elegance and sophistication in all home styling.

Inside Story’s catalogue of window treatments is incredibly diverse, to suit all shapes and sizes of windows and homes. With window treatment options varying from elegant painted pelmets, to functional motorised blinds, and more, each household will find its perfect window treatment match. 

Create a polished aesthetic across your entire home with a range of window treatments, available in varying levels of functionality to suit your unique space, while always being made to a custom size for a perfect fit. 

When your home requires an upgrade, elevating your window treatments offers an instant refresh to your home’s mood, look, and atmosphere, without creating the need for more extensive, costly renovations.

Inside Story’s window treatments catalogue offers limitless options for a complete window styling refresh from external blinds and shutters to a plethora of interior window treatment options.

High-Quality Window Treatments for Perfect Fit

While window treatments add important functionality, they also play a lucrative role in a home owner’s life — adding majorly increased value to the home when selling, while improving quality of life and functionality for those who live within.

Inside Story’s high-quality window treatments entirely transform a space, providing a unique styling moment that sets the tone for each room’s overall design. In addition, window treatments offer essential protection from the elements, leading to increased comfort within your space. 

When windows are left untreated, sunlight and other weather elements can cause damage to the floors, furnishings, and items inside a home. A functional window treatment can protect your interior homewares, leading to longevity, durability, and a longer lifespan for each item. 

Exterior window treatments offer an extra styling moment, upgrading the look of the home while adding a touch of personality. Choose from horizontal and vertical roller blinds, Venetian blinds, or classic, sturdy shutters.

Interior window treatments can be selected from a wide range of options. Options for blinds include roller, Venetian, Roman, honeycomb, and more — or choose plantation shutters and curtains to add elegance and prominence to your home styling. 

Inside Story's Range of Premium Window Treatments

Inside Story, a home furnishings and interior styling label backed by experienced interior design professionals is proud to offer an extensive collection of homewares for each space in the home. 

Each of the Inside Story window treatments can be made to size and order, offering total customisation and versatility to fit each unique home. With options to adjust measurements, materials, and colour, working each window treatment seamlessly into an interior or exterior design vision is made easy. 

For increased ease and convenience in your lifestyle, many of our window treatment options can be integrated with high-quality motorisation options for a touch of luxe — elevating a home’s seamless window treatment experience to a new level of functionality. 

Inside Story is home to a dedicated team of expert home stylists, passionate furniture craftspeople, and customer service agents — all ready to assist in selecting, designing, and customising the perfect selection of window treatments for your home. Our team’s experienced guidance ensures a beautiful result for each window styling project. 

For easy perusal of all window treatment options, Inside Story offers a convenient online catalogue featuring our expansive selection in a variety of designs and styles. 

For further customisation and guidance through the window treatment process, contact our team of experts to begin your next project. We aim to provide full satisfaction to each valuable client and customer, as we help bring dream home visions to life. 

With over 20 years of experience in the home furnishings and interior styling industries, Inside Story’s guidance and knowledge about the best selection of window treatments will be personalised to your household’s lifestyle and needs — creating a beautiful home sanctuary you love spending time in.