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Our Upholstered Pelmets Range 

Improve home efficiency and cleverly conceal unsightly window fixtures with our comprehensive selection of upholstered pelmets. Upholstered pelmets are a popular choice for those seeking to create a smart and stylish home, without compromising on functionality and efficiency. 

Crafting personalised upholstered pelmets has never been so easy with our in-depth online catalogue. Discover an abundance of choice when you explore our extensive range of fabrics, colours and patterns. We have a diverse collection of upholstered pelmets with options that will impress all tastes and every budget.

Our experienced team has carefully selected and sourced the highest quality materials to ensure that our upholstered pelmets will stand the test of time. We make all of our upholstered pelmets to measure and are carefully installed by trusted hands. Be impressed by the quality of our upholstered pelmets which are custom made specifically to match your unique style and to fit your home perfectly. We offer a variety of custom upholstered pelmet options that will suit all interior types, including heritage and traditional tastes, as well as modern contemporary and minimal styles.

Upholstered pelmets give your home a tailored and sophisticated finish. They are the perfect option when expressing your unique tastes without using precious floor space. Alter the mood and tone of a room by experimenting with elaborate shapes, colours, fabrics and designs. You can coordinate upholstered pelmets with curtains and other decorative items to create a luxury feel or opt for a seamless and neutral look.

Upholstered pelmets are not only decorative but also extremely practical and efficient. They are a versatile and flexible window accessory that give character to your home while removing unattractive details. They not only conceal window and blind fixtures but also block unwanted light entering through gaps. This feature is particularly important in rooms such as bedrooms and theatre rooms where unwanted light can hinder lifestyle and activities. Upholstered pelmets are also essential for saving energy and increasing home efficiency. Upholstered pelmets prevent convection currents by retaining heat in winter and blocking the sun and outside heat from entering during summer.

Explore our Upholstered Pelmets Collection 

Discover even more amazing features and flexible options when you browse our online collection of upholstered pelmets. Compare fabrics, patterns and shapes from the convenience of your own home. Our comprehensive online upholstered pelmets catalog will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your home and lifestyle. At Inside Story, our experienced staff will work with you to carefully select the perfect features and elements to compliment your home and your lifestyle. Unlike furniture which can be easily altered, upholstered pelmets and blinds are features that belong to the home and require careful consideration. Our friendly staff will assist you throughout the entire journey from idea to installation. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the process of quoting and fitting. We otherwise hope you enjoy browsing our comprehensive online selection of upholstered pelmets.