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Our Window Accessories Range

Window accessories are the finishing defining feature of your room. Inside Story offers a range of window accessories to elevate the functionality and convenience of our window treatments. These include wind and sun sensor window accessories, which can be programmed to automatically retract awnings or open and close blinds and curtains based on the outside climate. Consider adding these types of window accessories and never have to worry about damage to your awnings due to unexpected weather again. 

Wireless wind sensors can be an extremely convenient window accessory that can detect horizontal, vertical and lateral movements of your awning. This device automatically retracts your awning to prevent damage from harsh weather conditions. This sensor is fully programmable to a range of settings and can be discreetly mounted to your home. 

Install a sun sensor and program it to detect the intensity of the sunlight and open and close your blinds or curtains to achieve the most comfortable conditions inside the home. This is important for protecting furniture from the bleaching effects of UV rays. Don’t risk sun damage on your beautiful carpet, sofas or curtains and let the sun sensor keep the colours of your furnishings bright. This sun sensor also assists in controlling and maintaining the temperature inside the home. 

Window accessories are an easy way to enhance the practicality and “cleverness” of today’s window treatments. Window accessories harness the latest technology to add an extra layer of luxury to the finishes of your home. Embrace the use of these discreet pieces of technology to increase the longevity of the chosen furnishings of your home. 

The wind sensor window accessory is discreet and compact, easily mounted to the end of your awning. It is sensitive to movements generated by wind and works for you to move the awnings to reduce damage. No need to try and predict the weather and be caught by surprise by a sudden storm with this nifty piece of technology. 

The sun sensor is compatible with all interior motorised window treatments available at Inside Story. Use the sun sensor in conjunction with your programmable motorised window track. The sun sensor gives you the added protection against harsh UV rays. It will automatically close and adjust your curtain when the UV indicator becomes too high. It installs with ease via the suction cup. All necessary mounting pieces for your window accessories are included in the package. 

Explore our Window Accessories Collection

Optimise the convenience of all window covers both inside and outside of your home. Allow our friendly and professional window accessories team at Inside Story to introduce you to the most advanced window accessories options for your home. Maximise the ease of operation of all window treatments in your home and create a home that you can enjoy for many years. The entire team at Inside Story can walk you through the many options available and help you turn your house into a home. Customise your space so it works for you, makes your life easier and your home more comfortable.