High performance solar shading for sloped and shaped glazed areas

Horiso is the Australian distributor of Sunshield® Unique Louvres, the world leader in operable Rack Arm Shading Systems. A perfect system for all types of shaped windows for maintaining light, solar control, privacy and security.

Rack Arm Systems use fixed support arms which hold aluminium / timber interlocking or overlapping slats which tilt from 0° to 90° by way of manual, motorised or automation control. The tilting slats provide the optimal amount of daylight, minimising the need for artificial lighting and air-conditioner usage by maintaining effective airflow and reducing overall solar heat gain.

Key Features

Motorised and Automation Control
Motorised operation is the most effective control for Rack Arm Systems. The electric motor incorporates internal thermal protection against overheating. A tubular motor drives a gearbox that is connected to the tilt shaft.

Ease of Installation
Customisation of system shapes, widths and lengths offer retrofit installation to internal, external facades. Slats and components are lightweight and therefore suitable for light building structures.

Installation on Shaped glazing
Systems suitable for internal and external installations on a range of shaped glazing: rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and circular.

Sun Shading and Privacy
Interlocking louvres are available with brushes and perimeter baffles, providing near blackout, or adjusted to allow day-lighting as needed. Cross ventilation can be achieved by slats automatically tilting to optimise shading at varying sun angles.

Slat Positioning
More efficient cross ventilation can be achieved by slats automatically tilting to optimise shading at varying sun angles.

High Quality and Durable Components
Slats, operating and structural components made from high grade extruded aluminium.

Aluminium Slat Profiles

Horiso Rack Arm aluminium louvre slats are made from durable light weight aluminium alloy extrusions in overlapping or interlocking slat options.

Louvre slats are finished with a polyester and polyurethane coating and are offered in eight standard colour options with custom colour options available.

Custom colours available on request.

Rack Arm Systems - Aluminium

Timber Slat Profiles

Horiso selects timber for the manufacturing of timber slats from sustainably managed forests in both western red cedar and Accoya® varieties.

Timber louvre slats offer a natural and coordinating finish to compliment a buildings facade.

Timber Slat Colours/Species

Western Red Cedar
A dimensionally stable timber under most weather conditions and is not prone to shrinkage or swelling.
Due to its versatility, it can be used for both internal and external applications.

Accoya® is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Accoya® wood is sourced from sustainable sources, including FSC® and Cradle to Cradle™ Gold environmental certification.For more information on Accoya® colour stains and lacquered finish options, please make contact via the contact page.

Rack Arm Systems - Timber


The wide range of aluminium and wooden operable louvres allow you to create the style and look you want. Triangles, trapezoids, arches and even circles are possible. Systems are customised to the shape and size of each façade and bedrooms can be specified with slats specific for light blockout.

Glass Roofs & Roof Skylights

Conservatories, atrium’s or glass roofs with clear glazing in combination with Sunshield Rack Arm Systems is the best guarantee of optimising natural light with the added benefits air flow, control of the indoor environment, glazing protection and privacy.

Pergola Roofs

Suitable for pergolas, awnings and verandas on flat or angular roofs. Special shapes, slat finishes, edge box finishes and rain sensors for automatic closure are all possible.

Interior Skylights

Internal installation adds additional benefits to an interior space. Heat gain, glare and air flow can be controlled throughout the day and soft, warm and natural light filtration can be achieved using timber slats.

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