Buffets for Storage, Shelving and Style

Buffets take an innovative approach to storage and shelving while lending a sophisticated style to your space. Buffets not only look good but offer practicality too. Commonly known as a sideboard or hutch, buffets can be used for a variety of purposes, making them a sure proof furniture option. Our buffet designs come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, offering varying storage options for all spaces. Inside Story buffets embody quality, elegance and contemporary design, and functionality and durability are carefully considered without compromising on style and charm. Each buffet is made with sturdiness and offers a robust furniture solution for your home. Buffets are constructed with quality materials, promising longevity whichever room you place it. Buffets are more than a simple cupboard or side table, our buffets feature minimalistic design elements, lending themselves to endless styling options. Whether your room embraces a Victorian, country or even shabby chic interior, they are versatile items with potential aplenty. Our assorted options mean our buffets can easily transition to several rooms of the house.

Buffets for all Styles

Buffets create understated stylish structure to a room and can be styled in endless ways using accessories, lighting and feature items. Whether you choose a statement lamp, beautiful vase or another item of décor, you can be sure it will be complemented perfectly by your new buffet. They are the quiet achiever of the room, with a two-fold purpose. Buffets offer discreet storage options and a safe place to keep crockery, cookbooks and other valuable items that need to be kept secure. This discreetness is a great way to implement minimalist, low-fuss spaces in your home. Buffets allow you to keep the home neat and tidy while adding a touch of stylishness. From an interior design perspective, buffets are one of the most understated yet versatile storage options available for your home. Buffets ensure you don’t end up with clutter on the bench or in walkways and are an effortless way to keeping the home staying neat and tidy.

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Explore our Buffets Collection

Our buffets are available in a wide range of options from low bench options to larger, taller sizes for those looking for additional storage ideas. There are larger buffet styles for blank walls or smaller buffet styles for quaint spaces. No matter the room, or the space, there is the perfect buffet-style online at Inside Story. To make the process of finding a buffet easier, use a tape measure to measure your space and spend some time looking through our options in our convenient online catalogue. With the dimensions listed on each product, finding a buffet that slots seamlessly into any space is simple. We understand that finding the perfect buffet for your space can be challenging, which is why our friendly team of experienced staff are ready to offer guidance and support. You can be confident in your buffet selection, knowing a staff