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Eclipsi Wall Light

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Alfi Wall Light

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Innovative Range of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights have more value in interior design than merely illuminating a room. The type of ceiling light, mixed with its angle and brightness, will have dramatic effects in highlighting feature items within the room.

Inside Story offers an innovative range of ceiling lights, with varying functions and options for design. From cubed lighting to accented design features, and surface-mounted ceiling lights that are a stylistic feature in their own right, our range is widely diverse to offer unprecedented control in home lighting. Inside Story’s selection of ceiling light options delivers intelligent lighting solutions, without compromising on our signature contemporary style. We have crafted our ceiling lights collection in a modern, versatile design. We offer ultra-bright, energy-saving alternatives, plus warmer tones and adjustable ceiling lights to provide you with full control over each beam and glow. Ceiling lights play a large part in your interior design. Playing with highlights, lowlights, and shadows around the room will affect the atmosphere of your space. Inside Story’s ceiling lights range offers the flexibility to create your ideal mood lighting throughout your home.

Ceiling lights have a powerful effect on the ambience of the room. This effect must be carefully considered when choosing the best ceiling lights for your home. Add life and vibrance with bright illumination, or add mood lighting with our soft and sultry beams. Our ceiling light range has you covered, no matter the level of glow you’re looking for. These small details add up to create a cohesive design flow through the entire home. Don’t let ceiling lighting become an afterthought in your home design. Inside Story allows you to choose the best kind of lighting to illuminate the rest of your interior styling.

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Explore our Ceiling Lights Collection

Inside Story’s range of ceiling light options integrates beautifully with our catalogue of pendants and lamps. This allows you opportunities to vary your lighting throughout the house, without compromising on style and cohesive interior design flow. Mount our ceiling lights in clever places around your home, to emphasise artwork and other design features. Don’t let the unique characteristics of your beautiful home go unnoticed in improper lighting. From single round ceiling lights to intelligent LED trio downlight ceiling light options, our online ceiling light catalog offers a full range of choice. Illuminate your kitchen with bright lights for a proper workspace, or create boudoir-style bedroom lighting that casts a soft, elegant glow.

We understand that choosing the perfect lighting for your home can be tricky. Inside Story’s team of highly experienced design experts is here to help. We will offer you support and guidance in choosing lighting for your home that will create a stand-out effect. Expertly designed lighting is the cherry on top of your beautiful home. When used correctly, ceiling lights will enhance the beautiful features and design that already exists in each room. This is the ultimate level-up for your home — it’s time to bask in the glow of perfect lighting solutions.