Our Motorisation Collections

Motorised external window furnishing is a stylish and easy to use alternative to traditional outdoor window coverings. They can completely transform your outdoor entertaining space by utilising external window furnishing as a screen. No longer will high or large windows require a ladder to open and close thanks to the motorisation of the external window furnishings at Inside Story. With the simple click of a button, the outdoor room becomes a stylish extension of the house. The convenience of motorisation means the external window blinds enable you to operate your blinds from anywhere in the home effortlessly. 

They allow you to be seated comfortably and use the motorisation to open or close the external window furnishing without even needing to get up! They are ideal for protecting your indoor furniture from a harsh climate. They are also a physical barrier promoting privacy and exclusivity from prying neighbours or passers-by. Our motorised external window furnishing options at Inside Story are genuinely more than just blinds. They offer a practical and physical solution to the perfect temperature and optimal privacy. In fact, they’re we think they’re the new and revitalised way to increase the privacy of your home in a chic and stylish way.

One of the best things about external window furnishing is that they can ‘spruce’ up the look and feel of the home, making it feel warmer and cosier instantly. Despite being outdoors, external window furnishing plays a vital role in protecting the inside of your home. Such as from the bleaching effects of the sun on your furniture. Your lounges, table, chairs and other furniture pieces outside will stay in pristine condition for much longer with external window furnishing. They are great for insulating your home from the external elements, helping to keep the inside of the house cool during summer months and the cold out during the winter. Don’t allow flies and mosquitoes to interrupt your entertaining either! Your new external window furnishing from Inside Story will keep the bugs at bay while creating an optimal room temperature, year-round. 

They are a great investment for when you’re looking to maintain a level of privacy in your home, particularly when you have low fences or live on a busy street. They enable you to entertain or seek peace on the deck with the click of a button. There are endless reasons why external window furnishing is an excellent addition to the exterior of your house.

Our Experienced Motorisation Team

At Inside Story, we recognise the importance of convenience, so we have curated a range of motorised external window furnishings which remove the need of unsightly chains, messy fixings or need for physical exertion. Our experienced team have extensive knowledge in installing and maintaining your external window furnishing. This means that no matter the style you choose, or where you’d like to install your new blinds, our staff at Inside Story will be able to help you do it the right way. 

Browse through our selection and find a range of vertical, roman, roller, wooden and awning external window furnishing styles. With so many designs to choose from at Inside Story, there is no doubt you will find the perfect solution that best suits the needs of you and your household.