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Dining Chairs for Every Style

Purchasing the perfect set of dining chairs is like placing the final piece to the puzzle in establishing the look of your dining room. As a complimentary item, dining chairs certainly won’t be the first item you buy when furnishing your dining room - While this may imply that dining chairs are an “afterthought”, this does not mean that they aren’t a statement piece in their own right. Create harmony through colour, material, shape and style and embellish the table as jewellery does an outfit. Dining chairs can cement a style by exuding an era and theme all based on the silhouette, size and textiles used in its construction. Transport diners to a mid-century period through the use of a rich dark wood frame and classic structure or evoke a contemporary feel with chrome metal legs and leather upholstery. Ensuring they carry the theme of the entire home also means that dining chairs no longer have to be reserved for use solely in the dining room. 

It is paramount that the dining table is chosen before the dining chairs because its scale and shape will have a significant bearing on the appropriate design of the seats. The table’s dimensions will dictate the number of dining chairs that it can host, the width which will sit most comfortably and the overall style, which will look most harmonious. Consider your space and the appropriate dining setting that perfectly fills the area while still allowing room for ease of movement. 

Dining Chairs with Style and Functionality 

Just like any of your key furniture items, the durability of your chosen dining chair is essential, given the literal weight they have to carry in their lifetime. Your chairs must be stylish enough to be on show at a dinner party yet functional enough to stand the test of time against everyday family mealtimes. At Inside Story, we consider this our area of expertise; providing show-stopping dining chairs that are timeless in design, expertly crafted without compromising on functionality and durability. Our selection of dining chairs delivers a level of style and sophistication while remaining delightfully low maintenance. Many of our dining chair options offer removable covers for easy cleaning and versatility. Ergonomic dining chair designs which are fabricated around the contours of the body, high resilient foam seat cushions and the choice of modern fabrics or premium leather, the dining chairs at Inside Story guarantee comfort and endurance.  Our dining chairs are designed with timeless simplicity at the forefront and can cater to both classic or contemporary styling. 

Our dining chair range includes but is not limited to; button back dining room chairs, custom dining table and chairs, french fabric dining chairs, linen dining chairs and so much more!

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Choose from a range of seating with solid wood, oak veneer or metal frames and a variety of neutral tones or colours which pop. Explore the luxurious dining chairs available in our showroom and online and allow Inside Story to help you find a chair that fits your space perfectly.