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Our Folding Arm Awnings Range 

Another of the many window treatments available for the exterior of the home are folding arm awnings. These are retractable awnings that offer an extension of a shaded area. Folding arm awnings are a stylish solution to other window treatments and have both functional and fashionable purpose. Folding arm awnings come in many different materials, colours and finishes, and are a great way to offer more shade in the backyard or over the pool. Commonly seen in outdoor seating areas at restaurants and cafes, folding arm awnings installed as window treatments in your home will help you create an entertainer’s space of your own outdoor area. 

In a variety of designs, they promise to bring an open and inviting feel to your house. As they are a retractable window treatment, folding arm awnings can be conveniently pulled back when not in use and extended when needed. When it’s cloudy and overcast, your folding arm awnings may not be necessary. This is when the window treatments on offer at Inside Story are useful as they can be drawn back to let extra light in. Alternatively, when it’s a hot and sunny day, these magnificent folding arm awnings can be extended to provide cover and relief from the sun. When it comes to window treatments, folding arm awnings are genuinely one of the best choices you can make for your home.

You needn’t ever worry again about getting burnt from the sun or wind while enjoying a backyard barbecue or sitting by the pool. Folding arm awnings as outdoor window treatments can be made to be both water and UV resistant to combat both sun and windburn. This makes them the perfect addition to protect you and your guests from harsh natural elements in your outdoor area. 

The window treatments have been cleverly designed to endure the harshest treatments whilst helping to maintain a comfortable atmosphere by absorbing the heat from the sun and its rays. Our window treatments can be made in a range of colours, patterns and materials to ensure that they are a harmonious addition to the aesthetic of your exterior. Our wide variety of window treatments may be difficult to choose from as the choices are endless! 

Explore Our Folding Arm Awnings Collection 

The folding arm awning window treatments at Inside Story are available in 50 fabric colours and patterns, complimenting any external façade. They are constructed from water and UV-resistant material, perfect for the ever-changing Australian climate. From charcoal to beige and everything in between, you can guarantee Inside Story carries the ideal folding arm awnings for your home.

With our team of dedicated professionals, we can assist you in selecting the perfect window treatments, that will effortlessly slot in with the interior of your home. The window treatments available at Inside Story are made from high-quality aluminum, robust die-cast parts and four tear-resistant steel cables to guarantee long-lasting functionality. Our folding arm awnings are motorised for added ease of operation and convenience using a remote control and can be fully automated by innovative sun and wind sensors. The range is modern and contemporary from both a style and function perspective, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect product.