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Our External Venetian Blinds Range

External Venetian blinds provide exterior sun and temperature protection for windows and outdoor areas. External venetian blinds are incredibly efficient and are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

External Venetian blinds consist of slats that provide optimal heat protection and light control from the exterior of windows and buildings. The external position of the slats eliminates glare, controls light and regulates temperature, making them an extremely efficient window treatment. The slats also help to circulate airflow and reduce stagnant and hot air from accumulating, especially within outdoor living areas.

Our range of external venetian blinds are unaffected by temperate changes and reduce sun penetration by up to 90%. The slats can be set to any position with the various tilting, raising and lowering options and are controllable via remote or automated inbuilt systems. For those seeking optimal efficiency, the blinds are programmable to sense wind, sun and rain changes automatically. Our range of external Venetian blinds are available with curved or flat slats and come in a variety of colours to suit any exterior style. 

Unlike blackout rollers, external Venetian blinds do not obstruct the view and are convenient for day and nighttime use. They are particularly beneficial for office spaces and apartment buildings which require privacy and protection. External Venetian blinds are a very stylish and modern window treatment that complement a variety of designs for both residential and commercial structures. Another benefit of having external blinds is that they do not take up any interior floor space. Discover the freedom to design your interior without any heavy blinds or curtains in the way. Optimise floor space in small rooms, office buildings and areas with high foot traffic.

As well as being stylish, external Venetian blinds are also extremely practical. They are a must-have addition for those desiring to increase efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. External Venetian blinds have a brilliant design which, when installed, increases energy star rating for both residential and commercial buildings. External Venetian blinds are perfect for reducing unwanted light and heat from large windows and offer protection for building in harsh climates, such as coastal and desert locations.

Explore Our External Venetian Blinds Collection 

If you are unsure whether external Venetian blinds are suitable for your home or office, we recommend browsing our online collection to find information and inspiration. Our online external venetian blinds catalog contains a variety of images and details to assist you in selecting the blinds that are best for your project.

Our external venetian blinds team have over 25 years of experience and are happy to answer any question you may have about our external Venetian blinds or our other products and services. Once you provide us with details of your project, we can then arrange a time to inspect and measure your unique space and provide you with a external venetian blinds quote. We look forward to working with you and finding the perfect external Venetian blinds for your home or workplace!