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Window liners are a soft and durable cover, used between the glass and curtains. They can be confused with blinds; however, they are slightly different in purpose and material. The window linings you choose for your home add to the theme and feel of your space. Inside Story offers an extensive range of window linings in both upholstery and drapery fabrics. When choosing your window linings, quality matters. Premium window linings are vital in the preservation and longevity of your window treatments. Due to the harsh Australian sun, curtains can easily fade and lose their colour. Window linings help provide protection for your window furnishings.

Window furnishings are an elegant way to provide insulation for noise, light and outside temperatures. Window linings come in a variety of styles, including curtains, drapes and blinds. Each style brings its own benefits to the space, depending on your purpose and style. To reduce the stark contrast between a window and curtains, choose a sheer or knife-pleated design. 

While window linings add softness to the aesthetic of your windows, they are an efficient addition in your home. Linings protect your curtains and drapery from the bleaching effect of the sun from incoming sunlight. Window linings assist in mitigating the harsh light, loud noises and help with temperature control. These are significant factors that contribute to a more comfortable living space. Consider where in your home your furnishing and linings will be placed and the amount of harsh sun they will receive. Excessive sunlight can cause furnishings and linings to become brittle and fall apart. Choosing high-quality products will assist in the longevity of your investment. 

When it comes to maintaining your window fittings and furnishings, add window linings. These add weight and retention to the drapery and lessening the chance of creasing the material. Creases in curtains distract from the superior look and elegance of the overall aesthetic. Small imperfections are easily noticed in curtains. Custom window linings will have a better-quality appearance as it is more likely to drape more flawlessly, without irregular seams. 

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The team at Inside Story is here to assist you to make the best decision for your application. Ask your local team for advice about window linings and furnishings to complete your home. Custom-made window linings available at Inside Story will ensure that the linings you choose are the perfect fit in size, design, colour and density. Choose from the selection of upholstery and drapery fabrics in colour and design, which best compliments the style of your home. 

When choosing your window linings and furnishings, consider the quality of the product. Low-quality products will fade and break quickly, detracting from the finish of your space. Consider choosing higher quality fabric. Investing in high-quality materials will mean longer-lasting furnishings. Your window linings team at Inside Story can assist you in selecting the best quality and best furnishings and linings for your home.