Contemporary Furniture for Luxe Home Living

Furniture is the heart of the home — and contemporary furniture offers the key to elegant, modern styling. Based on values of minimalism and modern simplicity, the art of contemporary styling creates spaces that are entirely free of visual clutter. These designs boast neat and tidy aesthetics, natural elements, sharp and clean lines, and imaginative geometric angles for the ultimate modern look. 

Inside Story offers a curated collection of contemporary furniture that is complemented by custom, bespoke design options to ensure the styling of your home aligns beautifully with your interior design vision. 

With Inside Story’s contemporary furniture collection, modern and minimalistic styling is far from dull and uninviting. Inside Story contemporary furniture options create refined, timeless spaces to enjoy with your loved ones.

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Elegant Home Design with Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is the key to upgrading and modernising the design of your home. With contemporary furniture, the interior styling of your home will transform into sophisticated study spaces, sleek and clean dining spaces, and luxurious lounging areas, with magazine-worthy decor to complete each space. It will have you relishing each moment you spend in your artfully designed home.

At Inside Story, our collection of contemporary furniture embodies much more than a temporary trend. Instead, our expert craftspeople build each piece with a high level of workmanship and care, ensuring durability and sturdiness in each piece. Featuring a variety of timeless design elements, Inside Story’s collection is built to last for years to come — offering the highest level of quality in each of our luxurious contemporary furniture pieces. 

Contemporary Furniture Collection by Inside Story

Inside Story’s collection of contemporary furniture has been crafted by industry experts in interior home styling. Our team of interior designers has more than 20 years of experience in selecting and designing contemporary furniture pieces for an extensive portfolio of design clients. 

Whether you know exactly what kind of piece you’re searching for, or wish to take advantage of our team’s interior styling expertise, we are confident that you will find the most beautiful contemporary furniture items to polish your home design. Each piece will elevate the styling in every room of the house for a front-page look you can live in.

With Inside Story’s contemporary furniture collection, you can achieve refined elegance in the home through timeless furniture, bold artwork, and clever accessories found throughout our online catalogue. 

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