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Jube Table Lamp

Jube Table Lamp

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Table lamps are a lighting accessory that will make a large impact when putting the finishing touches on a room. The range of Inside Story table lamps range from sleek and sophisticated silhouettes to larger lamps that make a strong statement no matter where its placed. Table lamps are true works of art, featuring creative concrete elements, hand-blown glass and high-quality metals including gold, chrome and nickel. From lamps for your bedside tables to lighting for your home office desk, our range of table lamps deliver options for almost every room in your home. No matter which you choose, our collection of table lamps boasts contemporary style and functionality. They’re a practical addition to the home while also serving a visual purpose. When you shop online, you can do so knowing that every item available on our online store is constructed with durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. The utmost care is taken during the manufacturing process so you can rest assured your table lamp will last for many years.

Bring any room in the house to life with statement table lamps that deliver a polished and refined finish to your interior styling. Whether you place the table lamp on a side table or buffet, it will impress those who visit your home. We also believe that no bedside table is complete without a table lamp, as they provide practical lighting and style to the bedroom. They are certainly a welcomed addition to reading nooks and can add quirk to an otherwise plain room. Table lamps in an entryway offer convenience and enhance practicality, through the ease of switching it on and off as you leave the house. Table lamps provide glowing light to a space without overpowering the room, serving their purpose for temporary illumination and task lighting. Choose a table lamp lightbulb that suits the room and provides the perfect hue, with a white or ivory lampshade for the ideal illumination. Yellow hues are comforting at night while white LED bulbs are great for adding extra light during the day. A table lamp can provide as much or as little light as you like. It’s often even selected as the only lamp on in the room, creating an intimate ambience. Like many functional items in the home, table lamps offer a decorative elegance to the room - a welcomed work of art. 

Our Expert Table Lamps Team

Boasting elegance and sophisticated designs, our collection of table lamps is a testament to more than 20 years of industry experience offered by the Inside Story team. Height, shape and functional versatility are all key factors that have been taken into careful consideration when our team curated the collection of table lamps. With these factors in mind, our team can work with you to find the perfect style that will be precisely proportionate to the table that which it sits upon. Inside Story table lamps will not disappoint, providing you with practical lighting options to integrate into your home with ease. Finding the perfect balance between style and practicality, there is sure to be a table lamp destined for your home, so start browsing and begin to discover the array of colours and textures in our online catalogue of beautiful table lamps.