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Stools are a low-fuss dining alternative, stools are commonly used daily for casual mealtimes at the bench as opposed to sitting at a dining table. Stools being frequently occupied, it's essential to take into account the silhouette of stools, the materials used in their fabrication, and how the overall aesthetic integrates with the rest of your styling.

Choosing the Perfect Stools

One of the key factors to take into account when selecting your ideal bar stool are the measurements. It is essential to know the height of the bench under which the stools will stand to ensure they will seamlessly slide in and out from beneath. The space allocated to the stools can also have a bearing on the ultimate design chosen as it will determine the most appropriate number of stools that should be purchased. This is where it is also essential to consider the width of the stool as it is vital to have the right amount of space between each so that occupants aren't "elbow to elbow" when seated on the stools. 

The size and aesthetic of the entire home will also come into play when finding the most appropriate stool design option for your living arrangements. Stools with a backrest are often most appealing from a comfort and practical perspective. Such stools can help residents and guests maintain better posture thus are more comfortable when sitting for more extended periods of time. Stools are also a more family-friendly option being that they are more supportive, often have padded seats and have less potential for accidents. Despite this, frames without a backrest also uphold their desirability. Being that they can more easily be tucked underneath tables and benches, opening up floor space, and are easier to stack and store out of the way, backless stools are often ideal for more compact spaces. 

The style of your space will also dictate the type of stool that best suits. The stools should be complementary to the other furniture in the room, the colour palette and overall theme of the home. Frames made with oak and beech wood flatter a coastal and contemporary look, walnut tones lend to mid-century styling, and metal structures reflect an industrial aesthetic. Regardless of the materials used, the stools should always be sturdy to ensure they can stand the test of time. 

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The Inside Story Stools Team

With so many stool design options on the market nowadays deciding on the perfect stools can be overwhelming. Thankfully, here at Inside Story we have taken the stress out of the stool decision-making process, housing only the best pick of the crop in our showroom and on our website. Whether you live in a bustling family home or an inner-city apartment, we can help you find the stools that will be the best fit for your lifestyle.