Our Pelmets Collections

Pelmets, commonly known as cornice boards, are a framework placed above a window. They are used to conceal curtain fixtures, making them appear more stylish and uncluttered. Pelmets are multipurpose and can be used as a decorative feature to hide the curtain rod and for functional reasons too by insulating the window. 

Pelmets are an effective and easy way to add some extra polish to a room. They are an easy way to add class and refinement to a room’s interior, giving it a clean and neat look and feel. Pelmets allow you to easily create a cohesive feel to your styling with a stylish finishing touch. Inside story offers a range of pelmets to seamlessly create consistency across the room’s theme with pelmets that fit the styling of your space. 

Whether you opt for wooden pelmets or fabric, brown or white, there is an option for every home interior. As a modern solution to decorative, functional window furnishings, pelmets are fast becoming a popular choice for homeowners and Interior Designers for their simplicity and utter flair.

These are endless reasons why pelmets have become an increasingly popular choice for homes of every era. From modern apartments to traditional cottages and Hamptons style homes, they are a beautiful way to add class to your home. They can be straight or curved, with embellishments or without. Decorated curtain pelmets can tend to look old-fashioned look; however, there are many modern pelmet designs available at Inside Story. 

As a decorative piece, pelmets offer a sense of high-end finishing. They can be perfectly fitted to your windows and often act as the finishing touch to the room. In fact, some curtains look unfinished without one. Pelmets add an element of functionality as they hide unsightly mounts for blinds while the roofing provides insulations, assisting in regulating room temperature. Pelmets do this by effectively preventing rising air moving up from behind the curtain into the room, ensuring an optimal room temperature. Pelmets are available in an endless variety of designs, making them an excellent option for every home.

Pelmets deliver additional light control while adding contemporary elegance to your windows. While they serve this functional purpose, Inside Story pelmets can be colour matched to your existing interior. This makes them an equally as stylish addition to your home. 

Our Pelmets Team

To ensure your home is fitted with the perfect style, Inside Story pelmets are made to measure and matched to your specific colour and styling needs. We work with each of our clients to carefully understand their wants, needs and desires, offering guidance on selecting the perfect pelmet fit for any space. Our online catalogue displays our selection of pelmets and painted pelmet options, easily viewed with every specification you need to guarantee it will perfectly slot into the space you’re styling. Contact our expert pelmets team today to discuss your project. From measurements to colour selection, our team can guide you through the entire process to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the end result.