Our Story

With over 20 years of experience, Inside Story is an established and well-renowned retailer of high-quality furniture and home accessories. We are lovers of design and pride ourselves on offering Australians the finest furniture without the price tag. Our mission remains to ensure every customer, no matter their budget, finds the perfect furniture piece or accessory for their home. Accompanied by the finest customer service, Inside Story is a one-stop-shop no matter the design scope.

From bed frames and table lamps in the bedroom to sofas and rugs in the lounge, there is something for every aspiring home decorator at Inside Story. Our online catalogue features the entire range of furniture, accessories and home décor pieces, making designing and interior styling delightful and straightforward.

The Inside Story Team

There’s a special feeling that comes with designing bespoke furniture. To assist customers looking to create a unique piece, Inside Story has a dedicated team of furniture makers who build each product to the highest standard, helping customers to bring their vision to life and make every detail their own.

As we work closely with each customer, our team experiment, sketch, plan and handcraft custom-made products with the same exceptional quality as our on-demand pieces. The abundant choice of fabrics, materials and finishes are endless, making the design phase of customised items every bit enjoyable. There is truly nothing better than the reaction of delighted customers when their custom-made pieces arrive on the doorstep.

Offering the Highest Standard in Furniture and Homewares

Whether purchased from the catalogue or custom-made, our furniture is made with high-quality fabrics and materials. The commitment to quality renowned at Inside Story ensures every furniture and accessory is durable and will stand the test of time. We don’t cut corners when it comes to affordable quality.

The online range at Inside Story is comprehensive, with everything you might need to furnish an entire home - and more. Our range caters to all interior design styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic design. The Inside Story online store has been carefully designed to deliver a premium online shopping experience. Items available at Inside Story are featured in our online catalogue; available for customers to browse and purchase with the click of a button. They come with an extensive list of details and specifications that help make a conscious choice. And, if you’re not sure, our team of customer service professionals is always on hand to assist over the phone or by email. Buying new furniture online has never been so effortless.

For those customers who prefer to shop in-store, Inside Story has a showroom in Fyshwick, ACT which is open to the public. A curated smaller edit of our favourite furniture pieces and accessories are available, all of which are designed to fit into any home seamlessly. Customers are invited into the showroom to touch and feel each product, offering practical insight into how that piece can fill a blank canvas in the home.

20 Years of Interior Design Experience at your Service

Tactile natural materials are introduced into the design to complement Palmwood, including leather, grass, wool, latex, bronze, fur and gemstones. These are sourced from sustainable operations around the world.

Directors are invited to address the United Nations (Conference on Trade and Development) on sustainability and the social responsibility of manufacturers.

Pacific Green Architectural is established to create Palmwood installations for flagship building projects. The architectural range includes columns, doors, screens and cladding.

TheINDIGENOUS MASTERPIECES collection takes inspiration from artefacts developed by the world’s indigenous tribes over thousands of years. Each piece carries the culture of a people and is finished intricately using traditional techniques and motifs. This pioneering collection resonates with consumers and Pacific Green’s retail network expands into Asia and Europe.