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Our Painted Pelmets Range 

If you love orderly design elements and refined living spaces, you will love our selection of painted pelmets. Painted pelmets are the perfect option to tuck away your blinds and curtains neatly. Create a look of high-end luxury living while concealing any unsightly rails, hooks, or bumps with the simple design and functionality of painted pelmets.

At Inside Story, we understand the importance of giving our customers the tools they need to create their dream home. That is why all of our painted pelmets are custom-made to suit your unique style and specifications. Our painted pelmets are made to measure and will fit any window or space, even those tricky corners!

Painted pelmets are a popular window accessory due to their customisation and design flexibility. Painted pelmets can be colour matched with any wall to integrate with the interior of the house seamlessly or become bold features with the use of contrasting tones.

Our painted pelmets are suitable for a wide variety of blinds and curtains. All our painted pelmets are carefully crafted and installed to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest-quality materials to ensure durability and an elegant finish. 

Painted pelmets are a popular choice as they provide many decorative and practical features to the home. Painted pelmets add sophisticated and sleek design elements which help to refine and polish a room to perfection. Choose from intricate trims and beautiful curves to suit traditional and elegant interior spaces. For those seeking contemporary design, they can experiment with crisp edges and straight lines for a sleek modern look. Painted pelmets can blend to fit any room and go completely unnoticed, whereas metal rails and unsightly hooks and hardware are always seen. 

Besides providing practical decorative features, painted pelmets also have a variety of functions. Painted pelmets offer more window coverage and stop light from entering through any unwanted gaps, especially at the top of curtains and blinds. Blocking extra light is especially useful in rooms such as bedrooms and theatre rooms where unwanted light can disrupt lifestyle and activities.

Painted pelmets are also an excellent option for regulating temperature and increasing household efficiency. When paired with a thick curtain, painted pelmets are incredibly efficient at trapping warm air inside during winter and stopping cold air from escaping in summer. Painted pelmets are an all-encompassing window accessory that offers all the benefits of elegant design with practical everyday functionalities.

Explore our Painted Pelmets Collection

Discover more inspiration when you explore our range of painted pelmets contained in our online catalog. We have painted pelmets options to suit all styles and budgets as well as the many unique functions as mentioned above. When you have selected the painted pelmet that is just right for you, feel free to contact our friendly staff to arrange a quote and booking. We pride ourselves on our experienced service and industry knowledge and are excited to partner with you to create your dream home.