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Tables are the Foundation of your Space

Tables, both big and small, can serve as an invitation for residents and guests to engage with a space. Whether it’s a coffee table adorned with magazines or a dining table decorated with a lavish spread, tables are frequently the catalyst for creating a particular mood in a room. The table often stands at the crux of a room and is the foundation of a space - tables tie everything together. This focal piece is an activity-based item, enabling you to host guests and create a welcoming atmosphere. Tables ensure somewhere to serve and rest beverages, dine, introduce more lighting in a room or store and display home accessories. This means that one of the many table options available for purchase can undoubtedly be a focal design feature as well as the most functional item within a room. It is especially evident with dining and coffee tables. Both can serve as a tool to communicate the tone of a home, for example, angular lines connecting a contemporary theme or wooden finishes conveying a rustic or Scandinavian style. Tables provide a surface to work or entertain, plus an opportunity to elevate the ambiance in a room.  

Table Functionality 

The primary purpose of a dining table is in its title, so the significance of the table speaks for itself. However, even when a table is not covered with dinnerware and an array of food, it can still be a statement piece of furniture, especially when framed with the right dining chair. Similarly, a coffee table can be put to greater use than merely providing a surface to rest a hot brew. Often sitting between a couch and a television, this table is a convenient support for remote controls, books, or decorative objects to enhance the design of the space further. Console tables are great for introducing more storage into a room, and side tables are vital to ensure essential items are within easy reach, such as extra lighting by a bed.

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When selecting your ideal table, it is essential to take into account the scale of the room in which the table will reside, as well as the number of people the furniture will be catering to. This will dictate both its dimensions and style, such as whether it be a round or angular shape. The tables at Inside Story merge contemporary styling with the quality of traditional craftsmanship given the importance of durability along with overall aesthetic. Inside Story can cater to a sleek and modern styling, offering tables designed with contemporary simplicity in mind, showcasing precise, sharp lines and slim, delicate legs. Other table options exude warmth through wooden finishes such as American White Oak. Regardless of your taste, the tables at Inside Story emanate unrivaled beauty along with the functionality so that they can lend themselves to a wide variety of spaces. Explore the generous range of table options available and allow the staff at Inside Story to help you decide which of the table designs will make the most significant impact in your home for all the right reasons.