Our Mirrors Range

Beautiful mirrors provide a window into the soul of your home. Enhancing natural space and creating a pleasing atmosphere, well-placed mirrors are the key to luxurious home design. Mirrors add effortless sophistication and elegance to every room. Inside Story’s specially curated selection of mirrors offers a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and styles so that you can find your perfect match. 

From round, petite wall mirrors, to large floor mirrors that are striking in size and design, Inside Story provides the ultimate choice in sophisticated mirror design. Each Inside Story mirror is housed in a frame of copper, nickel, brass, or steel — quality metals to enhance the already opulent feel. 

When you’re looking for a minimalistic mirror to add a striking statement to a room, our industrial-inspired steel framed mirrors are ideal. For added elegance, our catalog offers mirrors set in luxe Carrera marble panes. Create softness in your space with our timeless round mirror designs.

Mirrors effectively serve as a multipurpose item: functional and decorative, and often as impactful as artwork in the room. Aside from obvious functions, mirrors also help a room feel larger and brighter — a welcome addition to any room in the home. A stunning mirror will breathe new life into a space, filling empty wall space and corners with visually pleasing elements. Tying mirrors into a well-styled home design creates overall finesse. 

Create a gallery wall with our varied sizes in the soft and classic round mirrors, or mix and match metals to create an eye-catching area of interest. Choose a wall-leaning statement piece with our large floor mirrors to enhance empty spaces. Use mirrors to bounce light around the room, creating a bright and airy environment. Place multiple mirrors strategically throughout the home for extra convenience and decorative appeal.

Mirrors can act as a backdrop to other accessories, or stand alone as a striking feature in the room. Match or contrast with different design themes in your home to create a timeless charm. Inside Story’s comprehensive range of mirrors and accessories integrate beautifully, offering a quick and easy way to achieve cohesive interior design.

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Our Carefully Curated Mirrors Collection

The experts at Inside Story, with over 20 years of home design experience, have crafted a selection of mirrors that embody simplistic style and refined elegance. Our range is versatile so that it can fit naturally into any space and design theme.

Inside Story’s extensive mirror selection offers the opportunity to find the perfect mirrors for each space. If you’d like to know more about selecting the ideal mirror for your home, our team of experts is available to assist. Style your home in new and creative ways with Inside Story’s selection of sleek mirrors. It’s an effective way to enhance the beautiful design your home offers, while offering the functionality you need in your living space. 

When it comes to mirrors in the home: the more, the merrier. You simply can’t go wrong with this classic and elegant design feature.