Inspiration begins with beautiful kitchen designs

Contemporary home design is often open plan, thus incorporating the kitchen into the main living area of the home. This has led to a redefining of the traditional kitchen design.   

The kitchen is no longer a separate room designed for the sole purpose of meal preparation. 

It has become an integrated part of larger living spaces, often claimed to be the heart of the home where other domestic spaces for entertaining, dining, and relaxing abound from.

Kitchens in smaller spaces need to facilitate the key dining area which is why the kitchen island is so ubiquitous in modern builds. In larger homes, there needs to be a good visual flow that is consistent with the other living areas of the home.

The best kitchen designs combine functionality and style

There are many design considerations to keep in mind when planning a kitchen. There are practical and established methods for locating appliances, power supplies, bins, and the pantry within the broader scope of your creative direction.

Custom kitchen design provides an opportunity for the designer to create a room that optimises function whilst engaging a very personal aesthetic for the client. A well-planned kitchen will be enjoyed for many years, so it is important to understand accurately how the kitchen will be used in order to plan it to suit you and your family's needs. 

Let your home thrive with the perfect kitchen for your household

A well-planned kitchen built using quality materials lasts for many years. The confluence of considered functionality with high-quality materials offers one of the biggest rewards once installed, which is the luxury of a low-maintenance environment.

The design team at Inside Story is here to help you bring your new kitchen to fruition, please contact the showroom to book an appointment.

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