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Reupholstery is an act of care and consideration. It is the ability to restore life and use it back into vintage, damaged or pre-loved furniture. At Inside Story, we believe that fine craftsmanship is something to celebrate and is worth preserving. Vintage and pre-loved furniture that stands the test of time should be rewarded and refreshed.

Our comprehensive furniture reupholstery service gives you the ability to preserve history, reuse materials and express individuality. Repair a family favourite or create a unique and one of a kind piece, the options are endless.

Reupholstery to Create your Dream Look

Alongside our bespoke furniture service, reupholstery is the perfect way to customise and create your dream home. Our experienced team will work with you and the materials and resources provided to construct a rejuvenated piece that will continue to endure. Our reupholstery service is flexible and allows you to choose from a vast array of fabrics, colours and patterns to suit any style and any use. We offer a range of luxury materials as well as durable and budget-friendly options. In addition to standard furniture fabrics, we also provide upholstery fabrics suitable for water resistance and extra protective layers for items in constant use, offering longevity and durability. For those seeking to reupholster delicate and vintage pieces, our staff have over 20 years of experience and understand the procedures in place to manage and protect these items carefully.

Reupholstery to Preserve History and Minimise Environmental Impacts

Preserving history and safeguarding family heirlooms is an important decision that must be executed with precision and care. We understand how sentimental family homes and antiques can be for our customers. Reupholstery is a way to connect with our history and our families as well as respecting craftsmanship and resources. Reupholstering furniture is a way to use materials already available to us, and by doing so, reducing the amount of waste that we create. Reupholstery is an environmentally friendly way to reuse precious materials and prevent furniture from ending up in landfill. It is a fantastic option for those seeking to have a lighter ecological footprint as well as creating a more sustainable home. Reupholstery is also an excellent way to juxtapose new and old interior design elements together as well as expressing individuality. Creating unique pieces that have a story to tell is a beautiful monument to the power of quality craftsmanship and the relationships we have with the items in our home.

If you have a damaged or neglected item of furniture waiting for a second chance now is the time to contact one of our friendly staff to organise a repair. We will work with you to renew and refresh your former item to restore it to its full glory. To gather some inspiration, we recommend browsing our online collection of previous reupholstery commissions. Our reupholstery service team are excited to work with you and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions about our reupholstery service.

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