Our Curtains Collections

As one of the finishing touches when styling your rooms, add an element of luxury and intimacy and incorporate curtains into the design of your home. There is a wide selection of premium linings and fabrics suitable for every home interior style at Inside Story. We offer a variety of ripple fold, triple pinch and knife pleat curtain combinations as well as roman blinds. Roman blinds are more of a discreet and minimalist style which often lends better to modern homes and workspaces. Fabric curtains paired with a sheer pleated lining can give a sophisticated and homely look. They soften the space and easily allow for light control. 

Curtains can also come in an array of eccentric prints and patterns which are delightful to look at. These rich and colourful motifs are ideal for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms and rooms that need a splash of colour. As well as serving an aesthetic purpose, curtains function to maximise the longevity of window treatments and help to provide insulation from both noise and climate. Depending on their fabrication, they can make a room extremely cool and quiet. Inside Story can design your curtains to custom specifications to ensure they are the perfect fit in the space you plan to install them, as well as suit the look of your home. 

The curtains can be long and drop to the floor, which is a length considered quite dramatic. They can also be short and finish at the bottom of the windowsill. These curtains are great when you have stylish skirting boards and cornices to show off! Curtains not only look good in the room but are functional in the way of privacy. Available in a variety of fabrics, they will let an abundance of light in when open. Alternatively, keep them closed for a private and intimate feel, and light the room with a table lamp or candle.

There are a plethora of reasons why curtains are a great addition to any room in the home. No matter what fabrics you incorporate, or which colours you decide to hang upon the windows, curtains are both functional and stylish. Bold colours and patterns will inject drama in a room and can act as artwork against neutral walls. They look exceptionally impactful against white or cream coloured walls. The fabric and style you choose can also block out light and provide some privacy from the outside. Brightly coloured, lightweight fabrics lift a room and add vibrancy while darker coloured curtains are great for bedrooms and blocking out light. Curtains can also help maintain the temperature of a room by keeping the outdoor elements out. Thicker fabrics tend to keep the heat out in summer and keep the cold out in winter. When compared to a room without, the excellent temperature control of a room with curtains is clear. This makes them a perfect window accessory for nurseries where babies require constant temperature control.

Our Curtains Team

The overall material, texture and colour of curtain you choose can significantly influence the mood in the room. Work with the team at Inside Story to custom design the look of curtain that best evokes the ambience you wish to create in your home. With many years of experience helping customers find the perfect curtains, we are committed to providing you with styling advice and helpful suggestions when installing curtains in the home. Whether you choose roman blinds, ripple fold or another sophisticated variety of curtains, curtains are sure to add beauty to any room in the home.