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T700 HX Curve

T700 HX Curve

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T700 Curve

T700 Curve


Our Track Lights Range

Track lights are a contemporary lighting option, perfect for illuminating spaces with hard-to-cut-out surfaces. Track lights are typically characterised by a running trail of fixtures which are then attached to a single course. Track lights can rotate and redirect, depending on where you place them and what you wish to illuminate. We have a wide range of track lights that have been specifically designed to create ambiance in any room while adding value to your home. Track lights are a cost-effective lighting solution that is increasing in popularity amongst new homeowners and builders alike. 

Track lights offer a soft, modern hue inside rooms and are particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings. Track lights can be illuminated as brightly as you wish, giving you total flexibility when it comes to designing the room. Inside Story offers track lights that are perfect for fast, easy installation. Track lights also offer increased thermal efficiency without the need for gaps in insulation. Whether you opt to install your new track lights inside the home or out, we’re positive you’ll find the ideal product at Inside Story.

Track lights are a versatile alternative to traditional light fixtures in any room of your home. Track lights are also a great choice when you want to replace existing fixtures without rewiring the house. For this reason, track lights are perfect for adding illumination to a dark space or room with few windows. When installed in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, track lights can be used to highlight certain features in a room by pointing the light source at an accent wall, artwork or display cabinets. Long corridors can also benefit from track lights as these are typically darker areas of the home that see little natural light. Track lights can be introduced in kitchens and dining rooms to illuminate a task such as food preparation and dining. 

Many of our customers like that the track lights can create additional ambience when hosting friends and family in these communal dining areas. Installing track lights can give you creative freedom when it comes to accenting individual spaces or items in the home. Furthermore, track lights don’t always have to be straight, which can inject a dose of playfulness and fun into any room. Let the beam of light slither across the ceiling or create zig-zag trails. The opportunities with track lights are endless. Customised lighting is a fantastic way to put your own personality into the lighting of your home.

Explore our Track Lights Range

Find our full range of track lights online at Inside Story for your online shopping convenience. We know that choosing the right track lighting can be overwhelming, so the team at Inside Story are here to assist. We have a dedicated team of experienced track lights team members who have expertise in not only our products but the installation and styling of each item available online. 

To make things simple when shopping online, all listings of track lights include important specifications and dimensions. This includes information on how to choose the right number of lights to position on the track. As well as the most appropriate voltage of the bulb for your space. We’ll help you navigate the colour temperature of the globe you choose for your track lights, whether it be warm or cool white. The range of track lights fixtures at Inside Story is available in both black and white options so that you can pick which colour best integrates into the natural look and feel of your home. Our fantastic customer service means that you can buy online with confidence knowing the track lights you are purchasing will fit perfectly where you want them to.