Our Shutters Range

Featuring variety across a selection of materials and sizes to suit your needs, shutters at Inside Story have been carefully selected to slot seamlessly into the design of your house. Shutters are a smart choice for adding value to your home as they can give an attractive, homely feel. Additional to homeliness, shutters help achieve a polished finish to the exterior and interior of your house. The Inside Story range of shutters delivers an abundance of choice, and it won't be easy to know where to begin browsing! Our variety will provide you with generous options as you browse through the endless possibilities. For indoors, we offer quality hardwood shutters available in painted or timber grain finishes. Often made from Thermo25 Plantation, these shutters provide excellent moisture resistance, which makes them a perfect solution for bathrooms, kitchens, and the like. Our outdoor aluminum shutters housed in lightweight frames are the complete package with multiple rod control systems and a wide selection of colours and finishes. They look beautiful and are sure to grab the attention of those passing by on the street. For your convenience, all shutters are available with louvre dimensions to match a variety of window sizes. The louvre dimensions are the slats that open and close and usually, the larger the window, the larger the louvres. Larger ones suit contemporary designs well while smaller louvres are often used in more traditional homes. Easily achieve a multitude of looks, no matter your preference, with either full or half-length shutters. The choices are endless.

Shutters take a stylish yet utterly functional approach to controlling light and ambiance in your home, as they can be opened to let in light or shut to keep rooms dark. Shutters are perfect for those who like privacy yet don't appeal to blinds or curtains. Fitting shutters throughout your home may be an affordable alternative to completely restyling or renovating since they offer a renewed look and feel to the room. They can give a space a comprehensive lift with next to no other restoration required, making them a good option for those looking to make some quick changes. Shutters are a purchase worth making, bringing instant charm and sophistication to any space within your home. A functional purchase, shutters are in some ways invaluable, helping to reduce dust from your windows and offering an easy way to clean. Appraisers also consider them as a 'hard fixture upgrade', which is how they bring added value to your property.

Our Shutters Team

Our online shutters selection encompasses our full range of indoor and outdoor shutters, of all different sizes, colours and finishes. To make things easier for you, the experienced team at Inside Story has curated a selection of interior and exterior shutters that are popular for every home decorator. Integrate your shutters into the home and achieve optimal lighting control, privacy, and embrace the opportunity to increase the value of the house. Explore the variety found in our online catalogue and reach out to our friendly team of experts to help you choose the perfect combination of shutters to magnify your property's beauty. While we love home renovations, it's worth considering a professional to install your shutters. As experts in our field, we can work with you to find an installer that can assist with your shutters.