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D2500 Cube

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D700 Cube


Impressive Collection of Downlights

Let our experienced and friendly staff guide you through our impressive collection of ceiling downlights that best align with your needs. Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to choosing quality lighting options for your home. At Inside Story, we pride ourselves on our high-quality collection of unique downlights. We have carefully selected downlights to suit all homes and interiors regardless of size or lighting requirements.

Our renowned downlight collection includes state of the art technology and modern design features to ensure ease of use and durability. Choose from our range of high performance, ultra-bright downlights or our dimmable and ambient options. Our contemporary and stylish downlights flow throughout your home and workspaces seamlessly. Our downlights collection includes circle, square, curved and flat downlights that come in a variety of colours and materials. For customers looking for a unique style, we also offer customisable downlights to match all interior colour schemes and accents.

No matter the size or style you are searching for, we endeavour to deliver the ideal downlight that is best for your interior. We understand that efficiency and durability are essential to lighting and offer premium grade warm and cool LED light to ensure energy efficiency and consistency. Rest assured in the knowledge that we only provide carefully crafted downlights of the highest quality.

When it comes to choosing lighting, it is essential to select quality downlights that increase thermal efficiency. It is important to consider what downlights will look like from inside the room and inside the ceiling. Downlights can have bulky installation requirements which reduce ceiling insulation. Our experienced staff can work with you to increase home efficiency and choose the right downlights to suit your lifestyle.

Downlights are key players in setting tone and mood throughout your home. Maybe you have precious artwork or a wall alcove that you would like to display. Our versatile downlights can be gently tilted to shine a light on essential features while avoiding eye strain. You can further play with lighting depending on which style of downlight you choose. With our selection of square and circle downlights designs, you are sure to find a light that will reduce dark spots and eliminate overlapping. The downlight options available to you are flexible and customisable to ensure comfort and style.

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Explore our Collection of Downlights

Find inspiration for your interior spaces when you discover our extensive online range of downlights. Allow yourself to experiment and consider how our unique downlights will change the tone and colour of your rooms. Our online downlights catalog is convenient to use and is the perfect place to begin your building or redecorating journey. Discover the flexibility of online shopping and reach out to our friendly staff members when you have any questions. We pride ourselves on our customer service and want to provide you with a positive experience as well as high-quality products that you love to look at and use each day.