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Our Throw Blankets Range

Throw blankets are a popular offering within the Inside Story lifestyle accessories range, delivering simplistic charm and luxurious natural materials. An effortless way to add style and warmth to your space, throw blankets are a rewarding and versatile choice. Maybe you are styling a sunroom or lounge, or perhaps you want to add that finishing touch to your bedroom - either way, throw blankets are a superb addition that has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a room. Throws at Inside Story are made of the highest quality materials, including merino lambswool, cashmere and cotton, to name a few.

When considering what styling accessories to use, it's worth noting that throw blankets are smaller and more versatile than regular blankets, making them one of the best ways to add a casual feel or structure to a space. We have carefully curated a collection of throws that can work efficiently into any room, adding additional layers of texture and personality.

Throw blankets create an effortless approach to styling many rooms throughout the house. We believe that though they are a simple addition, throw blankets have a considerable impact on the final look of the room. It's easy to transform the look and feel of a room with complementary accessories like a scattering of cushions layered with throws. You can even refresh your space without having to overhaul your furniture, by rotating accessories from one room to the next. Add elements of cosiness and warmth when you layer throw blankets with other textures and accessories or fresh coastal vibes as they drape over the arm of a chair or lounge. Indeed, when your space needs that final touch, throw blankets are an easy way to tie it all together.

Throw blankets are not limited to couches and beds; they can be used for functional purposes or purely decorative purposes too. When it comes to styling, it's not uncommon to find throws hanging on blanket racks or as a decorative accessory hanging on a beautiful hook mount on the wall. It's easy to create a casual feel with a throw that is draped across a lounge or bed, or neatly fold and place it across the arm of a chair to achieve a formal finish. One throw blanket can have many uses, especially if it features a reversible design. Alternating two between rooms is an easy way to freshen up the look and feel of your home without having to completely re-style the entire space. 

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Exploring Our Throw Blankets Range

When you explore our range of luxe throw blankets and accessories, you will find stunning designs and exquisite craftsmanship, combined with the highest quality materials. From classic to contemporary, the Inside Story range of throw blankets delivers effortless elegance to any space in the home. So, come and discover the endless styling possibilities with our beautiful selection - designed to help every space feel warm and inviting.