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Our Window Tracks Range

Window tracks are the system in which curtains use to slide across the rod. Inside Story has a selection of window track options for varying weights of window treatments. Like your curtains and custom curtain rods, curtain window tracks add an ambiance to your space. Choose an understated window track or a decorative one to add a stylish feature to your window treatments.

Window tracks can come in both chain-operated and motorised forms to suit any household or commercial space. Both chain and motorised options add a unique feature to your window furnishings. Consider a motorised rod with programmable settings for added security in your home or office. Forget about the motor buzzing as it opens your curtains, as motors run silently, for yet another piece of added elegance.

Window tracks play an essential function in supporting the window treatments installed in your home such as curtains, blinds and drapery. Choosing quality window tracks not only add to the overall look of the furnishings but also extend the life of your drapery. Leave the fuss of standard tracks and rods behind with custom-made, high-quality tracks. Ready-made, off-the-shelf tracks, become brittle over time, meaning that you will have to buy replacement parts often. Invest in high-quality tracks to ensure longevity.  

Window tracks help curtains hang directly from the ceiling, which can make a room look taller and therefore giving it a more grandeur aesthetic. Tracks assist block light and provide greater privacy for your home. 

Window tracks, both chain operated or motorised, can help increase the life span of your window treatments given there is no need to touch the fabric when opening and closing your curtains or blinds. Without having to touch the curtains, oils from your fingers do not tarnish curtains from repeated handling. 

Inside Story offers a variety of window tracks in a range of colours and finishes to suit multiple styles. Choose from satin, antique bronze, gold, black and white, chrome powder coated and aluminum. There are tracks to suit everyone’s style and preference. Have these tracks perfectly fit to your windows to avoid ill-fitting and inadequate quality finishings. 

Close your curtains with a push of a button with a motorised track. Alternatively, program the motor to open and close your curtains automatically. Wake up to sunlight streaming through your windows for a gentle wake-up call. Silent motorised window tracks available at Inside Story are a sophisticated design option that gives an upmarket flair to the home. 

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Besides the incredible functionality, window tracks add an extra featured flair to your space. Window tracks can add an elegant touch to window treatments in addition to their functionality. No need to compromise on style for functionality, balance the two perfectly with custom-made window tracks from Inside Story. 

Here at Inside Story, we customise our window tracks to ensure they fit perfectly in size and style for the window and their treatments in your home or business space. Speak to our team about how we can assist you to add window tracks to your windows.