Premium Furniture And Decor For Home Interior Designers

Great home design is the key to creating a personal sanctuary while letting your artistic mind create magic you’ll enjoy every day. Just as a painter needs his paintbrush, a great interior designer or home design enthusiast needs a premium catalogue of luxe home furnishings.

Featuring luxe lounge suites and occasional chairs, cleverly crafted bed frames and benches, artistically inspired cushions and throws, and much more, Inside Story’s catalogue offers endless potential for home interior designers. 

Whether your interior design interests are for hobby or profession, the quality and expert craftsmanship presented in Inside Story’s catalogue offers limitless choice and premium design. Shop our range to craft unforgettable interiors that will spark joy in all who view them.

Luxury Furnishings Collection Home Interior Designers Trust

We know home interior designers require ultimate choice and a multitude of options. Inside Story’s online catalogue has been curated to be endlessly versatile. From eye-catching coffee tables to benches as a unique design element, each home design category provides potential for unique and well-designed interiors.

With expert craftsmanship and sleek, innovative design plans standing behind each piece, we’re confident our online catalogue holds jaw-dropping choices for every room in the home. Each piece is designed with careful consideration, featuring innovative design elements, sleek geometric angles, and show-stopping statement details. 

Inside Story’s versatile online collection is an indispensable tool in creating the home atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of. 

Shop Inside Story’s Collection for Home Interior Designers

Inside Story is proud to offer a vast online catalogue of luxury home furnishings and designer home decor. Each piece in our collection is created to be cohesive as a whole, offering ease of elegantly furnishing an entire room or home. Metal and wood tones are repeated throughout, to create a beautiful flow from room to room.

If you are seeking an item not found in our catalogue, we offer a bespoke furniture design service to bring your vision to life. Our team of experts will craft your unique piece with premium materials and experienced workmanship, offering durability and longevity in your beautiful home investment. 

Inside Story is a renowned source for premium luxury homewares and furnishings, trusted by home interior designers across Australia. With quality and clever design behind each piece in our collection, we’re satisfied you’ll find many pieces to fall in love with. Bring your ultimate home design vision to life with Inside Story.

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