Astrid Arm Chair

Astrid Arm Chair

From $1,095
Elle Slim Console

Elle Slim Console

From $1,605

Furniture that Delights

Furniture shopping for your home feels inspiring and exciting. Whether you already have a clear vision of your perfect furniture piece, or you're jumping in spontaneously, there is nothing like discovering those special furniture pieces that will help your space feel complete. 

We believe that furniture is more than just a functional item you buy and put in your home. Furniture is a display of craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail. Every person has a unique taste, that is easily reflected in your decorative furniture choices. The furniture you select should offer more than function - it should provide a sense of comfort and self-expression. 

We offer absolute quality that extends across our entire furniture range from beds to benches to storage and beyond. The furniture in your home sets the mood of the room - Discover our bedroom furniture to create a bedroom escape that inspires a memorable lounge space with sofas and beautiful armchairs. Try benches for a different take on seating and dining settings. Whether you are completely transforming your home or making subtle changes, find your next treasured furniture piece with Inside Story.

Finding the Perfect Piece of Furniture is Important

Maybe you are updating your furniture, or perhaps you are decorating a new home. Our extensive range provides a selection of styles from contemporary to classic. 

We understand the significance of finding the perfect furniture piece for every space in your home. We also know that quality and value for money are important. That's why we have bought together experience and quality to offer a carefully curated range of beautifully designed furniture pieces, created with skill and care. When you require something a bit more personalised, we can offer a solution with our bespoke furniture range. 

It is essential to feel good about your furniture purchase. Rest assured we only offer high-quality items crafted with care. While the furniture selection process can feel daunting, we are here to guide you through the process, so you feel confident with your choices. Your taste is unique, and your home and furniture selection must reflect that while optimizing functionality, comfort and style.

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Discover our Furniture Collection and Bespoke Designs

What do you think of when considering a furniture purchase? Do you think of style and comfort? Or is it durability and function? We have thought of it all and combined these elements to curate a stunning collection of furniture and finishings. Our bespoke furniture offering complements the beautiful collection we have readily available.

We have over 24 years of experience in helping our customers transform their spaces. From discovering striking centerpieces to helping their style flow through every selection, we know furniture, and we are passionate about offering a quality range of furniture items. We offer timeless furniture pieces that are durable, aesthetically charming, and designed to last many years.

While we showcase a carefully curated furniture selection in our showroom, you will find our full furniture range right here online. Drawing on years of experience within our team, we have bought the same level of outstanding, friendly service online. As you will see with the furniture selection available, we have been able to offer a range of furniture items and custom services to help you discover furniture pieces that create a space that feels like the right fit for you. When you're after something more personalised, we offer our bespoke option to create furniture that is entirely customised and an excellent fit for you and your home.

Nothing is too hard, and we welcome your suggestions. We are passionate about helping you bring your vision to life and love to hear your ideas. Choose from a breathtaking portfolio of fabrics, materials, natural elements and finishings, and then we use them to build your unique furniture item.

We have considered function, comfort, style and durability in every aspect of the designs we curate for our furniture collection. We hope you enjoy looking through the full furniture catalog online and please get in touch with us if you have any queries at all.