Custom Window Furnishings Consultation

There is no doubt that selecting custom window furnishing to suit both your style and functional requirements can be overwhelming. The variety in custom window furnishings is endless, so it’s essential when making the decision that you are informed of all your options. The consultation service we offer focuses on making this process easy for you. We work closely with each of our clients to carefully understand their every want and need before suggesting the custom window furnishings that might suit them best. Inside Story creates custom window furnishings solutions that are functional and unique. Each product has been made with high quality materials and fabric at its core, promising you durability and longevity, no matter where you position them. 

You can enhance any space with these custom window furnishings, made to be the perfect fit for your chosen interior design. As custom window furnishings specialists in the field, we can design and manufacture a variety of styles including pencil-pleat curtains, pinch-pleat curtains, sheer curtains or valances and ties. You can select from a pole, tripod or arc design; and most of all, enjoy the satisfaction of how they look when finally installed in the home. And if there is a style you have seen not included in this list, we will happily work with you to create it.

Custom Window Furnishings to Give You that Personalised Finish

While our range of window furnishing and treatments are diverse and beautifully styled, we offer custom window furnishings for our customers who are looking for something tailored specifically for their needs. These tailored options are often perfect for customers building their own home and want their window furnishing created from scratch. Custom window furnishings are an excellent choice because they allow you to put your personal touch on the curtains, resulting in a home that is truly and uniquely yours. We also receive many requests from new homeowners looking to replace curtains with custom window furnishings. This is because their current curtains do not suit the space, are outdated or need replacement due to wear and tear. Whatever the reason, custom window furnishings are never a bad idea. Window furnishings serve multifaceted purposes from styling elements to functional lighting solutions. They can lift an entire room and take it from good to great.

Ensuring your window furnishings are the right fit for your home is integral to a perfectly-styled home and Inside Story has the perfect range to help you achieve this.

Book A Custom Window Furnishings Appointment

Functional custom window furnishing achieves the desired levels of light control and insulation but has reduced flexibility in fabric selections. In contrast, decorative furnishings offer endless flexibility, allowing products to be customised to your requirements. To ensure you choose the correct custom window furnishings, the team at Inside Story are available for a consultation. The cost of the window consultation is $150. We request that this payment is made at the time of the booking. The amount of $150 is rebated against any order placed over the amount of $1000. During your custom window furnishings consultation, we like to discuss your lighting and styling requirements to ensure we create your ideal custom window furnishings. Following the site visit, your consultant will prepare and send you an itemised quote. They will then contact you to book a follow-up appointment in our showroom. The purpose of this appointment is to review the included fabrics and other products in the quote. Your custom window furnishings consultant will often have some revised options and new recommendations that they have come up with following the site visit.

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