Each home is as unique as those who reside in it, and the interior styling and furniture within each space should reflect this individuality. When it comes to total customisation in-home styling, custom made furniture offers unique flexibility, while showcasing the personality and stylistic tastes of the household.

When looking for the perfect piece to complete your space, you may find yourself compromising on style, colour and tone, size, shape, and many more widely varying factors, to find a piece that partially matches your vision. Browsing through catalogues is not the only way to achieve the interior styling you dream of; bespoke furniture creation offers the ultimate solution.

Inside Story is a luxury Australian homewares and furnishings label designed to create contemporary elegance within a space. Our online catalogue features an extensive collection of modern homewares and home furnishings, built for easy and cohesive styling from room to room. 

We understand our passionate interior design customers may not find the perfect piece within our curated catalogue. Our team of experienced designers and furniture craftspeople offer custom made furniture solutions to enhance each home’s interior design while achieving premium bespoke visions. 

Inside Story offers an extensive selection of customisable design options, built with high-quality materials and elegant finishes, combined to craft a stunning piece of custom furniture for your home or office. 

Our talented designers, craftspeople, and artisans will create bespoke furniture pieces that tie in effortlessly with our range of contemporary homewares and decor, allowing for easy styling of the rest of your space once your custom piece has been created. 

With Inside Story, creating the high quality, artisan-designed pieces that your home needs is seamless, allowing for elements that beautifully align with your home styling. 


Custom made furniture is an increasingly popular option in today’s interior styling. While dimensions, shapes, and sizes of spaces within a home can vary widely, many people appreciate the increased functionality and maximisation of space that comes with bespoke furniture. 

Those who choose bespoke furniture options enjoy bringing their vision to life in the form of perfect design, comfort, and functionality for their home, creating a space that is unique and wholeheartedly enjoyable to spend time in. 

At Inside Story, we believe each household deserves to own premium furniture that genuinely hits the mark for each unique space. Our options ensure that there is no need to compromise on comfort, design, or durability — it is achievable to have it all through custom made furniture by Inside Story.

Our clients come to us for custom made furniture to style any room in the home; from bathrooms to bedrooms, studies to outdoor areas, and more. Inside Story’s bespoke furniture options include custom bed headboards and frames, entertainment units to perfectly frame home theatre devices, and elegant armchairs to complete a cozy reading nook. 

No matter the design or details you require, Inside Story’s designers are ready to bring your perfect piece to life. Our clients bring their ideas and vision, while our team brings years of expertise and guidance to collaborate in creating the best piece for your home.


Inside Story’s team comprises a small group of highly skilled artisans, with experience ranging across furniture making, upholstery, timber refinishing, and sewing. This wealth of in-house knowledge, combined with decades of experience, ensures we offer the ability to produce high-quality bespoke furnishings to your exact requirements. 

Detailing each job requires knowledge of both the products and methods used to complete the work — a process with which our team of experts will assist. First, simply share ideas and inspiration-filled photos with our team, and we can get started designing and creating your perfect piece. Our process begins with a quote for both the creation of the item and any design or prototyping you may require. 

At Inside Story, we love a challenge — our team believes nothing is impossible when it comes to furniture design. Please contact us to book your consultation today.

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