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Inside Story’s collection of luxury home furniture offers the key to the interior styling of your dreams. Each individual’s home furniture selection brings unique personality, warmth, and a sense of belonging and tranquillity to each room in the house. 

When styling a bedroom, you’ll find sleek, modern designs and high-quality durability in Inside Story’s bedroom pieces. When it comes to dining spaces, Inside Story offers an expertly crafted range of elegant tables and chairs and elements with a pop of personality. Living spaces, the heart of the home, will see diverse textures — from sophisticated plush and velour to classic and sturdy woven leathers — when decorated through Inside Story’s online collection.

Inside Story’s catalogue ensures you’ll be more eager than ever to invite treasured guests into your home and spend ever-important time with loved ones in a home environment that brings true joy.

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Interior Styling with Luxury Home Furniture

The styling of a home for maximum personal functionality and aesthetics requires careful consideration and an excellent catalogue of home furniture from which to choose each piece. 

Most home decorators enjoy a mix of timeless and classic, with various touches of on-trend and upbeat feature pieces. Inside Story’s design expertise offers the basics, with the right kind of twist: the timelessness of sturdy materials and long term durability, combined with contemporary styling and thoughtful design features, means Inside Story’s home furniture selection ensures your home will look stunning and refreshed for years to come. 

Featuring neutral colour palettes and natural materials, Inside Story’s contemporary home furniture catalogue offers the perfect foundation to a perfectly decorated home. Mix and match our classic home furniture with our eye-catching and unique decor pieces for a refined, yet individualistic, interior style you’ll love to spend time in. 

Home Furniture Collection by Inside Story

Whether you are aiming for a total home refresh, looking for luxurious upgrades, or want to create a new styling theme throughout, Inside Story’s catalogue of home furniture is specially curated to allow multiple pieces to flow beautifully with one another. 

Find your perfect collection of home furniture pieces through our online catalogue — or visit our talented, friendly team of decorators in our showroom. Whichever method you choose, Inside Story’s team of design experts are available to assist in creating your perfect interior style.

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