Our Range of Blinds

Blinds are an essential element to any residential or commercial space. At Inside Story, we understand the important role that blinds have in regulating light, temperature and privacy. We are passionate about offering an extensive range of quality blinds that align with all interior styles and all budgets.

We believe that blinds are crucial to the overall atmosphere of a living or working space. The blinds you select should complement your interior space as well as assist your lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive range of blinds in all shapes and sizes, expertly crafted with new generation hardware and design. Find the perfect blinds with our extensive collection of Roller, Roman, Venetian, Vertical, Pleated and Honeycomb Blinds.

Our carefully crafted blind collection includes blinds for day and night time use, sheer and block out fabrics as well as plain and patterned designs. Our customers will also discover our innovative, electrically operated blind systems as well as traditional manual rollers and drawstrings. No matter the size or style you are searching for, we strive to deliver the ideal blinds for your home.

Blinds are incredibly versatile and have the ability to set mood, tone and comfort. When selecting the perfect set of blinds, it is important to consider your internal and external views. Sheer blinds offer daytime privacy without losing the view, whereas block out blinds are essential for room darkening, insulation and anytime privacy.

Selecting the right blind gives you the ability to adjust light control in all of your living and working spaces. Control indoor/outdoor accessibility by experimenting with blinds that suit doors and skylights. Adjust ventilation and insulation within your home depending on the season, temperature and time of day. Blinds make an ideal addition for customers desiring to be more sustainable and reduce or avoid the use of costly heaters and coolers. Our blinds are also suitable for use in all types of workplaces, sheds, boats, caravans and motorhomes. 

Our Range of Blind Collections

We understand that selecting blinds is an aesthetic and practical decision that has a long-lasting effect on your living or working space. Maybe you have an indoor home theatre you want to darken and soften. Or perhaps you have an ample living space you would like to divide without losing light. With the versatile selection of blind that we offer the options are boundless.

Find inspiration for your dream home or office space when you discover our extensive online range of blinds and window treatments. As you browse through our blinds catalogue, you will see the carefully sourced blinds collection that our experienced staff have curated. Drawing on years of experience within our team, we have brought the same level of outstanding, friendly service online. We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service and encourage you to get in touch with us should you have any queries about blinds. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy browsing our extensive online blind collection.