Practical design meets contemporary elegance with our custom entertainment units

Imagine sitting in your favourite seat with a remote in hand while watching an episode of your favourite Netflix series and thinking to yourself, ‘I love my entertainment unit’! We try to achieve this with every unit we deliver to our clients.

A custom-built entertainment unit can accentuate the beauty of the room. Though simply hanging a flat panel tv on a wall can do the job, installing an entertainment unit that suits your needs and preferences can address several issues faced every day.

Entertainment units with inbuilt cabinets, drawers and shelves can help you store entertainment accessories properly and hide the running wires behind the panel for a clean look.

Every detail of your entertainment unit is catered for

At Inside Story, we can design, manufacture and install your new entertainment unit just the way you want it. During our discussion, we take you through our design process and identify your needs, including all the items you need to store or display, check the tv size, and then plan the unit to suit your preferences.

We can make entertainment units using any material of your choice and incorporate additional items like led lighting, USB charge points and even a pop-up tv mechanism. We have installed different entertainment units, including wall hung and wall to wall units, and there are no limitations to what is possible.

Comprehensive design and build process plus home delivery

For a made-to-order entertainment unit delivered to your home, discussing your requirements with our team can help you take you closer to your goals. We can guide you to designs that effectively utilise the available space with inbuilt storage and display options.

Our designers would love to assist you with your joinery design and discuss the range of materials and finishings available. Contact our showroom today for any queries or to book a consultation.

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