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Curtain headings are the piece of fabric or material that sits at the top of the curtain track or rod. Depending on how curtain headings are finished, they can dramatically change the way your curtains hang. If you are looking for a particular type of finish, it’s essential to consider your curtain headings. This is because they are influenced by the type of rod or track you choose to use and how the fabric will hang. Curtain headings can help evoke a mood in a room based on the ripples, folds or pleats of the drapery. 

Some curtain headings are more dramatic than others, often oversized and in thick, rich fabrics which can also serve as a block out function. Curtain headings create varying silhouettes which can be changed when using less or more fabric. This will ultimately create a differing thickness and texture in the overall design. It is these small details that will make a big difference in helping your curtains look their best. Curtain headings, no matter the fabric or colour you choose, curtain headings are a great way to add design flair in any room subtly.

There are so many reasons why choosing ripple fold curtain headings is a great idea when designing the interior of your home. They are not only stylish additions to any room in the home but a practical and functional addition too. Curtain headings with a ripple fold that promises to create a continuous S-curve across the top of the drapery. This results in the formation of a sophisticated-looking window treatment that is sure to turn heads when you have guests come to stay. 

Alternatively, opt for a knife pleat for curtain headings on your sheers. This will form an even streamline pleat which will integrate well into a minimal, modern style. Many homeowners who have contemporary and simplistic homes select this curtain headings solution because of its ease to clean and its fantastic visual appeal. If the knife pleat or ripple fold isn’t the perfect solution for you, perhaps triple pinch pleat curtain headings might work! These are curtain headings that slot seamlessly into classically styled homes, conjuring a traditional look that achieves the fullest volume for a more dramatic effect. No matter which curtain headings you choose to install in the home, you can rest assured knowing they will look beautiful and impress endlessly.

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Inside Story will customise the window treatments for your home, including the curtain headings, ensuring they are the perfect addition to the rooms in your home. We love assisting customers to choose the ideal curtain headings for them, each chosen to fit into the home uniquely. With over 20 years of experience, the team at Inside Story will talk through each option extensively, ensuring you the right curtain headings for your drapery. No matter the brief, our team can assist you in

choosing the most appropriate for the ambiance you wish to arouse in your home. Our curtain headings are of high quality, and there are many options to choose from, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests and the like.