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Our Decorative Curtain Rods Australia Range 

Decorative curtain rods are an elegant accent piece to elevate the look of your window treatments effortlessly. Leave behind plain curtain rods that add nothing to your perfectly selected window furnishings and add a touch of decadence. Plain white or silver poles that only served to hold the curtain can’t fully capture your chosen style. Let your decorative curtain rods make a statement instead of just being a necessary piece of equipment. Decorative curtain rods Australia come in a range of different hardware and designs to complement many different styles of home. With so many decorative curtain rods styles to choose from, allow your curtain rods to add to your space. Speak to Inside Story today about how a custom curtain rod will enhance the feel and look of your room. 

Just like a plain rod, Decorative curtain rods Australia can be fitted in any room in your home. Unlike standard rods, Decorative rods Australia are custom made for your space. Instead of using ill-fitting standard rods, have your rods professionally fit to your windows.

Make the decorative curtain rods as bold or understated as you wish, only enhancing the interior design of your space. Decorative curtain rods add an extra touch of style, with minimal effort. These decorative curtain rods fit all styles of windows, including angular and curved. Use your rods to frame your curtains with a range of colours to complements every design and style of curtain available. Whether you choose patterned or plain, blackout or sheer, decorative curtain rods are a statement piece to complete your window fittings and your room. 

With a range of choices, including beautifully crafted wood, sleek metal or fashioned wrought iron, you can choose your favourite. Inside Story offers a range of decorative curtain rods Australia-wide to suit all homes and styles. Mix and match our range to fit your home. Speak to the team for professional opinions concerning colours and which combinations work best for your space. No matter what your style, these rods compliment both classically and contemporary styled homes. Trust Inside story to custom make your desired decorative curtain rods so that they seamlessly fit the window frames in your rooms. 

Explore our Decorative Curtain Rods Online Collection 

Select a decorative curtain rod in your choice of finish amongst the wide variety available at Inside Story such as white, black, bronze, antique bronze, satin, and gold. Decorative curtain rods only enhance your chosen colour scheme. Work with the existing colour scheme in your home and choose decorative curtain rods that enrich the furnishings already in your home. If you are selecting new furnishings, browse the range of decorative curtain rods as you choose your new curtains. Add a sheer or lace net curtain with ease and with Inside Story’s range of single or double rods. Speak with the decorative curtain rods team for a professional measure and their advice on window fitting when considering your curtain rods. Let your curtain rods speak for themselves and add extra personality to your window trimmings.