Wide Selection of Desks

Desks are a significant purchase decision when setting up a home office. Your desk of choice must perform effectively to make your work seamless and smooth. Inside Story offers a wide selection of desks, so you find the perfect level of functionality for your home. We have desks that are abundant in drawers and storage space, and desks that boast innovative designs to catch the eye.

Each desk in our range features clever angles, unexpected design elements, and durable materials. Our range makes use of minimalistic elements, to calm visual noise and keep things simple — for smooth and uninterrupted work time. Durability and functionality are desk must-haves. We’ve combined these elements with impressive craftsmanship for a sturdy desk you can rely on. From classic to contemporary, our desks feature creative placement of drawers, beautiful geometric angles, and sturdy desk top surfaces with neat finishings. Get ready to build a home office that inspires you.

Desks in a Variety of Styles 

Whether your home office is for work or leisure, you deserve a space that encourages creativity. Our desks offer functional surfaces, plus the right touch of elegance and luxury. At Inside Story, we know each office space is unique. Individual offices require varying levels of performance. We’ve designed our desk range with all varieties of sizes, shapes, and options for functionality in mind, so you can create the perfect level of productivity. 

It’s okay to get creative — desks can be placed outside the home office space. The versatility in our desks allows for placement in bedrooms, nooks, and living rooms, adding increased functionality to the entire home. Whether you’re looking for a functional desk for getting deep into your work, or are simply looking to fill a space and accessorise, Inside Story has the desk selection to fit.

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Desks Crafted with only the Best Materials 

At Inside Story, we only use the highest quality in durable materials. Your desk is an investment, and we can promise a long-lasting piece of sturdy furniture. Each desk in our range boasts simplicity and elegance. With sleek, minimalistic designs, Inside Story’s desks set the tone of your office without overcrowding the space.

We have curated our selection of desks with intention so that you can match it to other pieces around the room. Browse our desk chairs and accessories catalogues to create a cohesive office space. 

Desks Backed by Experience  

Inside Story is proud to offer a bespoke desk design service, allowing you to customise a desk to perfectly fit your needs. With over 20 years of design experience, our team will assist you in creating a desk to the dimensions and usability your room requires. Our bespoke service offers complete freedom of choice. With options for small or large desks, sitting or standing desks, and much more, you can design a desk piece that brings your home to ultimate functionality and style. Peruse our impressive online desk catalog, or contact us to consult about bespoke desk design for your perfect piece.