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Wall Units for Organisation and Style

Wall units can be one of the most grandeur or modest pieces in a room; however, their functionality shouldn’t be underestimated. Undoubtedly one of the most purposeful types of furniture, wall units can enhance the organisation of a space, creating storage and avoiding clutter. Utilise the unit and the additional drawers, open shelving and cupboard space to conceal the less appealing items while showcasing your most prized possessions. The versatility of wall units is evident when exploring the modern-day home. Find wall units in living rooms, hallways, home offices or even bedrooms, simply modified in their styling to maintain their relevance to their designated space.

The flexibility of wall units makes life more comfortable, and they are not solely reserved for an entertainment space. Ditch the dated filing cabinet and opt for something that reflects beautiful craftsmanship and contributes to the personality of the home, even in an office space. Use a wall unit to house your texts and stationary inside cabinetry while decorating exposed shelves with the vibrantly coloured spines of your favourite novels. More predictably, a wall unit is ideal in the living space to frame or host the television whilst concealing remote controls, entertainment consoles or messy cables from electronic devices. As more of a prevalent room in the home, styling wall units in a living area can serve to augment the look of the entire area. Adorn the surface of your unit with home accessories and décor that personalise your home, such as framed family photos or your favourite blooms in a decorative vase, and minimise the clutter of everyday items with the use of the added storage compartments that wall units offer.

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Choosing the Right Wall Units for your Space

The dimensions of your space are often a determining factor in deciding the most appropriate furniture for a room. This is no different when it comes to choosing the right design for your wall unit. Whether you have a vast area that can cater to an entire storage system or more modest surroundings better suited to a slimline unit, Inside Story allows you to customise your piece to ensure it is perfect for your home. Our wall units are available in a range of sizes from sleek TV units to large modular systems, with customisable modular interiors and the option to add sliding doors to their construction. Choose from a glossy grey lacquer or a warm grey oak wood finish, or even combine the two, and create a bespoke wall unit design that suits your unique style and can cater to your individual needs. Our custom design, big or small, can undoubtedly add a touch of class to any contemporary interior regardless of the room in which the wall unit resides. Whether your taste is understated elegance or bold and unapologetic, the wall units at Inside Story can assist you in creating an organised space that doesn’t lack in beauty while maintaining its functionality. Contact one of our friendly staff and be inspired by just how practical and personal one of our wall units can be.