Premium Lounge Suites by Inside Story

Relax and kick back in premium luxury with Inside Story’s exciting range of expertly crafted lounge suites. 

Inside Story’s lounge suites are genuinely built to last. Each lounge suite is tested through the design process to ensure premium functionality that maintains each sofa in top condition throughout years of daily use. We provide a beautiful collection of lounge suites that your family will rely on for years to come.

Sink into the premium comfort of our lounges and sofas. Our team of design specialists ensure each sofa is crafted to the highest standards of comfort, without compromising on sleek style. We are proud to create lounge suites you and your loved ones can spend hours in, achieving comfortable serenity within a beautiful and peaceful home.

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Elevate your Interior Style with Luxe Lounge Suites

Inside Story’s selection of premium lounge suites offers options available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours, for versatile lounge suite design that works optimally for your home and household.

Each sofa features adaptable design for use throughout the entire home. Place a sofa in an office or bedroom to add extra functionality through the home, with beautiful design elements and stunning colour palettes to add eye-catching interest.

Sofas and lounge suites give heart to a home, and Inside Story’s convenient online catalogue features customisable lounge suite options for your perfect combination.

Shop Lounge Suites through Inside Story

Selecting your ideal lounge suite set is made easy through Inside Story’s extensive online catalogue. It’s easy to view and compare various styles, ultimately creating an ideal lounge set that provides the ultimate in aesthetics and function for your home. 

It’s time to create the lounge room of your dreams, beginning with the most important element: a comfortable, premium, beautifully crafted lounge suite.

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