Roman Blinds

Our Roman Blinds Range

Roman blinds are an age-old innovation offering lighting and ventilation control solutions for your windows. Most standard Roman blinds have battens and a pulley system. This pulley system is attached to the head of the blinds, lifting it to the top into structured folds when you pull a cord at the top. It sits very similarly to a pelmet but can come in a variety of different sizes, depending on the window that it's positioned against. 

Roman blinds were traditionally unlined but attached to block-out lighting, making them slightly ‘clunky’. Roman blinds now match with almost any interior easily and subtly, thanks to the options of screen, translucent and self-coated fabrics where separate linings are not required. While roman blinds deliver a functional element, they are also a beautiful decorative feature, adding contemporary flair to your styling. From polished modern styles to unique hand-loomed designs, Inside Story carries a selection of Roman blinds that will add sophistication and raw elegance to your windows. Roman blinds are available in a delightful variety of materials such as lightweight natural weaves and heavier fabrics, they are a marvel to gaze upon and will add beauty to any home.

When it comes to household efficiency, temperature and light control are crucial elements in ensuring the longevity of your furniture, artwork, and accessories - not to mention keeping heating and cooling bills under control. They are often even a preferred choice over other blinds as they are generally more effective at lining windows and blocking out excess light. These are the very reasons why choosing the right Roman blinds is a crucial part of your home styling journey. Not all blinds will give you the same functionality as Roman blinds which makes them an unquestionable choice that also has the added benefit of looking great. 

Roman blinds are typically installed to add a homely feel to rooms like bedrooms, living spaces, dining areas and studios. Though they’re perfect in these spaces, this list is unending. Roman blinds can truly add spectacle to any room. With light management and temperature control pairing with design flair, Roman blinds tick every box when it comes to window furnishes.

Explore our Roman Blinds Online Collection 

Our online roman blinds catalog is a digital display of our robust offering of designs and materials. Each listing online has every specification you need to make a conscious choice when it comes to choosing your ideal Roman blinds. Featuring aesthetically innovative seamlines and handwoven options, you can choose from classic styles of roman blinds, flat designs and more. 

Depending on the style you prefer, you can opt for cord-operated or motorised blinds for your convenience. Each roman blind style has its own unique features and quirks, and they will help put the finishing touches on your home. Take a moment to explore our selection of natural and elegant designs and contact our expert staff to discuss the sizes you require. The team at Inside Story has many years of design experience, and we are here to ensure you have an excellent home styling experience.