Luxury Designer Rugs by Inside Story

Experienced interior designers know that beautiful designer rugs are the difference between simple furniture placement and expert interior style.

Choose from our beautiful interior home collection, or select a versatile rug for both indoor and outdoor use. Find the perfect entrance rug to make a statement upon entering your home, or choose a smaller-sized children’s rug to achieve functional comfort for your littlest loved ones.

Inside Story has made expert rug selection easy — all that is left to do is choose your favourite of our designer rugs collection, and rest assured it will upgrade the look, feel, and atmosphere of any given room. 


Designer Rugs to Elevate Interior Design

When selecting the perfect designer rug for your home, it’s important to consider the size, shape, and design elements of your existing interior design. This is an effective method for using rugs to enhance existing design while offering new, beautiful visual elements to each room.

Place large rugs in unexpected areas for added comfort and creative design. Use a large designer rug under a dining table set for an innovative farmhouse-comfort effect, or layer rugs on top of one another for a unique design combination. Place a luxe rug underneath a bed or across a seating area for traditional coziness and comfort.

No matter your preference, it’s easy to enhance and expand your existing interior design themes with Inside Story’s awe-inspiring collection of elegant designer rugs.

Shop our Designer Rugs Online Catalogue

Inside Story has developed a beautiful, expansive collection of rugs for a designer rugs catalogue that serves every area of the home. We’ve displayed our full collection in our online catalogue for easy viewing and comparison.

Elevate your home’s atmosphere and interior style with well-placed rugs throughout the home, offering increased comfort and functionality your household and guests will love. These are designer rugs you’ll love to live in.

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