Cushions that bring style and comfort to your home

Inside Story offers a comprehensive range of cushions, from ready-made to custom.

A custom-made cushion is the finishing touch to your bespoke interior. It is an opportunity to play with colour and texture in a smaller format and a great way to seasonally modify your living room or bedroom. A room with a beautifully curated collection of cushions always looks inviting and serene. Additionally, cushions are a cost-effective way to refresh the look and feel of your space while expressing your home’s unique character.

Customise and curate your cushion collection

Our ability to customise cushions at our onsite workroom means that you have a resource at your disposal to make your space as personal and comfortable as you like. Our vast fabric and trim library provides an impressive selection of thousands of fabrics and leathers to choose from. 

We have sophisticated and sturdy commercial-grade fabrics ideal for outdoor areas and rumpus rooms. A selection of cosy floor cushions and our contemporary take on the universally loved beanbag have quickly become some of our most popular requests for high-impact spaces. Our range of available cushion fillings includes all types of foam suitable for indoor and outdoor settings; feather and down; feather and polyester; feather and foam; and feather wrap.

Revive your pre-loved favourites with our team of expert craftspeople

If you have cushions that are still in keeping with your taste but need reviving, we also offer a makeover service. Your cushions are reconditioned, using options such as feather fill or polyfill, refreshing the volume and shape.

Cushions add personality and comfort to every space, and our team can help you build a cohesive collection that is uniquely suited to your aesthetic, lifestyle, and environment.

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