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Our Vertical Blinds Range

Vertical blinds are made from fabric louvres or slats, positioned in a series. A cord bounds the louvres or slats together. The cord is usually located at the end of the vertical blinds. Vertical blinds can be twisted to block out sunlight or opened wide to let it in. When vertical blinds are fully opened, the louvres are all in an open position, and the cord is used to move them all to one side. When they are open, vertical blinds expose the window. Alternatively, vertical blinds can be kept shut or even split in the middle, achieved by moving half of the louvres to the left and half to the right. 

Vertical blinds are a versatile window treatment suitable for a wide variety of homes. They have more recently been modernised to be ideal for both traditional and contemporary styled homes, making them an attractive option when it comes to selecting blinds. Vertical blinds have an extremely clean and streamline look but can also incorporate colour, patterns and textural elements to be more impactful. No matter what interior décor your blinds need to match, vertical blinds are sure to tick every criterion. As a result of new technology, vertical blinds can glide more seamlessly along their track. They can even be motorized for homeowners’ convenience and ease of operation. Vertical blinds are easily a more lightweight and effortless alternative to heavy drapery and curtains.

The primary purpose of vertical blinds is to provide a seamless and effortless way to manage light streaming into a room. Not only can vertical blinds be open and shut, their louvres can be manipulated at different angles to control how bright or dark the room is. Vertical blinds are also a great way to maintain a level of privacy in your home as they can be shut when you leave for any period, without the fear of strangers seeing inside the house. Requiring less fabric, vertical blinds can be a more cost-effective alternative for large windows. They are made with durable and easy to clean materials which take away the hassle of cleaning heavy curtains and drapery. As an easy solution to window coverings, vertical blinds are perfect for every home.

Explore our Vertical Blinds Collection

Inside Story has a range of vertical blinds suitable for both inside and outside your home. Our vertical blinds range offers single, double or multiple solutions as well as symmetrical or asymmetrical stacking. We can even assist you with customising your vertical blinds to ensure they are the perfect fit for your home. 

There is a vertical blinds style to suit every home interior, and with our many years of experience, the team at Inside Story is here to assist you with choosing the right one. We understand that buying vertical blinds is more than just selecting a style however and that a smooth operation is equally as important as how they look. With an updated modern design, Inside Story can offer a unique panel glide system for our panel fold blinds to guarantee flawless operation. Our motorised vertical blinds are electronically operated, adding an up-market flair to your window treatments. These are progressive designs that suit homeowners who appreciate efficiency. The panels on vertical blinds can be easily removed so that you can clean them or just as easily update the décor in your space.