Bench seats that bring commercial and residential species to life

At Inside Story, one of our most requested products are custom bench seats. We have been producing high-quality bench seats for our residential and commercial clients for the past 25 years.

Our recent projects include clients from various industries including restaurants, bars, galleries, government offices, and schools. A recent notable commission was a special project for the High Court of Australia.

With our outdoor lifestyle, we have noticed the increasing popularity of our custom bench seats integrated into the barbecue/deck/pool area creating an expansive, relaxed, outdoor lounge environment.

Versatile designs, styles,and materials that seamlessly integrate with any space

Our bench seats are available in several designs and offer a versatile seating option with long-lasting comfort and durability. This style of seating is ideal for small spaces, integrated nooks, the area under a picture or bay window, or as a functional detail within bookcase joinery. It is also a fantastic option for larger gatherings, catering to more informal seating options.

Bench seating can offer dual functionality as our custom work often requires clever solutions to maximising storage opportunities. We have found this to be an increasingly popular seating/storage option with our apartment dwelling client base.

End-to-end design and build experience with Inside Story’s workshop

Utilising our fully equipped workshop, we can manufacture the most complicated bench seats in a range of styles from classic to contemporary. We will guide the process for you from the initial measurement of the space through to design, selection of timber and finishes, and final fabric options.  

The custom nature of bench seating requires us to quote each job individually so please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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