Bring elegance and sophistication to your space with custom furniture

Custom joinery always elevates a space to be perceptibly more considered and sophisticated. At Inside Story we can design custom joinery that suits your lifestyle, personality, and budget; giving you complete freedom to use your creativity and transform your personal space.

Custom joinery is a worthy investment. Similar to most investments, careful planning will often lead to a better return on your investment. Built-in joinery is space-saving and can streamline an interior, making it look and feel more cohesive and spacious. Achieving this will make it an enjoyable space to live in and more valuable should you ever put your residence on the market.

Bespoke custom furniture that delivers optimal functionality and style

We love a challenge and bespoke custom joinery is a fantastic opportunity to maximise the usefulness and highlight the beauty of irregular or uniquely shaped spaces. Using our made-to-measure services allows you to maximise the functional value whilst upgrading your environment. 

Our designers and skilled craftspeople work as a closely-knit team and offer exceptional levels of experience and professionalism. We create and deliver aesthetically unique designs and use only the highest quality materials in our joinery work to ensure stunning results and durability with low maintenance.

Work with our team for an unmatched customer experience

We can incorporate the latest hardware and lighting technologies into your next joinery project and turn your ideas into reality. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs, and we will get you started.

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