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Our Automatic Blinds Range

Automatic blinds are an innovative approach to window treatments - gone are the days where blinds and curtains were heavy and irritating to slide across. Automatic blinds have come into the picture as an improvement for those looking to install drapery in the home. Embracing the development of the design and technology of automatic blinds can add sophisticated flair to your home. 

They are ‘cool’ and easy to install, making you ask yourself how you could have ever done without automatic blinds. Automatic blinds are an easy-to-use alternative to chain-operated blinds, without the noise and hassle. Automatic blinds can open and close at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the home. Automatic blinds remove the need to get up from the couch and manually close the blinds. Avoid hard-to-reach clutches on large windows by installing automatic blinds. 

The convenience of remote control or button functioning means a stepladder or tall member of the family is no longer necessary. As with all window coverings, automatic blinds can be selected in a style that best suits the existing interior or exterior design of your home. Select a sleek modern finish or completely hide the operation for the ultimate modernity. No matter which automatic blinds you select, they will be a welcomed new addition to the home.

Add a layer of luxury to your home as the technology of automatic blinds can give an upmarket feel to your home. Automatic blinds are made to impress while adding a modern feel. Automatic blinds allow you to easily raise, tilt or close your automatic blinds from the comfort of your bed, couch or dining chair without any hassle. Even if you’re in mid-conversation, your blinds can be closed without the annoyance of getting up.

Automatic blinds can also be useful if the sun becomes suddenly intrusive or if privacy is required without having to approach your window treatments physically. Automatic blinds can be purposeful when the need for adjusting skylight shades arises, without the inconvenience or safety risk of having to climb up onto a ladder. There is a multitude of practical reasons why automatic blinds are a smart and functional product to introduce to your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Explore our Automatic Blinds Collection

At Inside Story, our team of dedicated professionals can help you choose the right automatic blinds for both interior and exterior windows. With many years of experience, the automatic blinds team has extensive knowledge about every type of window treatment, and we pride ourselves on offering excellent advice and information. This ensures you make the correct decision when it comes to automatic blinds and other interior and exterior elements. 

We can assist you to source the perfect automatic blinds with minimal noise when being operated. No budget is too big or small, and we can help