Modular Lounges

Nature Sofa - Ottoman (C01D0308)
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Modular Lounges in a Variety of Silhouettes

Modular lounges available online at Inside Story take versatility to new heights with an endless variety of silhouettes. Modular lounges are an obvious choice when it comes to selecting your new lounge piece, allowing you to cosy up in a corner or stretch out on the chaise. Inside Story modular lounges combine quality materials with stunning contemporary finishes to deliver pieces that seamlessly complete your home. Whether it’s a corner of the room that needs enhancing or an entire space that needs filling, each modular lounge has been designed with its own intention. Our online catalog of modular lounges offers innovative design, boasting sophistication and luxury with the perfect touch of modernity. There is a modular lounge style that is sure to slot effortlessly into every home décor. In fact, from solid oak and elegantly curved steel bases to ultra-plush cushions for maximum comfort, it will be difficult to know where to begin. The modular lounge range is boundless and will meet your every need while browsing. The carefully curated and comprehensive range of modular lounges blend durability, comfort, elegance and functionality. As core values at Inside Story, we believe it’s important our customers purchase an item that will last for many years to come. Complete the look by combining our modular lounges with complementary pieces from our selection of coffee tables, armchairs and accessories.

Modular Lounges with Style and Functionality

Modular lounges create an inviting space to relax among plush cushions and cosy throws. They can be stylised nicely and complement most interior styles. Creating an inviting space with the perfect modular lounge is essential to making your house feel like ‘home’. Choosing modular lounges is an important decision when creating a home and calls for a setup that suits the lifestyles of those you live with. If you have children, washable covers are essential. If you own pets that are allowed on the couch, steer clear of fabrics that attract fur. Or, if you enjoy hosting friends and family, opt for an opulent design that is sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary modular lounge design or pure elegance, there is a modular lounge to suit every preference and every lifestyle. Modular lounges are versatile enough to cater for even the most diverse households and home interiors.

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Explore our Modular Lounge Collection

One of the best choices you can make when it comes to furnishing your home, modular lounges from Inside Story are high-quality pieces with great versatility. Our collection of carefully selected pieces offers endless configurations and a variety of sizes to integrate comfort seamlessly into your home. Smaller modular lounges can be easily slotted into rooms around the house where larger configurations might be suited best to the lounge room. They can be placed in a variety of ways, making modular lounges an appealing choice for customers with specific dimensions that need to be met. No matter the dimensions, our modular lounges will deliver refined elegance and understated luxury to your space. Our staff has over 20 years of experience with creating harmonious interior spaces, and they are ready to guide you through the modular lounge buying process when you require support. Find the perfect blend of luxury and subtle detailing across our online catalog.