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Our Custom Fabric Pendant Light Range

Custom pendants Australia; inject individual style and personality into a room by incorporating a custom fabric pendant light into its configuration. A fabric pendant light is a lighting fixture that is typically suspended from the ceiling using a cord, chain, or metallic rod. Fabric pendant lights can be as slight or as chunky as you please and they are available in a wide variety of different colours, fabrics, and materials. While fabric pendant lights can vary in look and feel, a fabric pendant light at Inside Story can also be made custom. We are delighted to offer our customers lampshades and fabric pendant lights that are professionally handcrafted in your choice of fabrics and wallpapers from our showroom. 

When installing a  fabric pendant light, it’s important to remember that a custom fabric pendant light can be placed in a series of lights or as a stand-alone fixture. The latter usually creates a focal point around the custom fabric pendant. No matter how you choose to hang your new custom fabric pendant, it’s sure to look sophisticated and ooze design superiority. A custom fabric pendant can serve as a decorative piece, yet it is functional in every way too. Fabric pendant lights are an excellent source of lighting and are often more cost-effective when installed with the right bulbs. Custom fabric pendant lighting is a prevalent choice when it comes to lighting for the home.

Fabric detailing can add a luxurious element to any space with its charm and timelessness. Though trends might come and go, the beauty in a fabric pendant light will stay. This style of lighting allows for endless ways to integrate custom patterns and colours into the home and enjoy the diversity that each one brings to the table. A fabric pendant light can be stylised in any room, including the living, dining, and bedrooms. They can also light up a hallway perfectly or even act as the sole lighting solution in a study or playroom. Though it might be challenging to know what size fabric pendant light to buy, the team at Inside Story will be able to assist you with any enquiries you may have. A large, single custom fabric pendant light is often the best option when you desire a focal point. This style of pendant produces an intense, concentrated illumination which can be a great option if you host family and friends and need ample lighting in the room. 

The great thing is that when you design the aesthetic of your own custom fabric pendant light, you are guaranteed the style of the light works in perfect harmony with your home. No matter the dimensions of your dream fabric pendant light, we’ll work closely with you to achieve exactly what you’re hoping for. A fabric pendant light is endlessly versatile, which is why it makes such an excellent option for lighting in your house.

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Our Custom Fabric Pendant Light Team

The team at Inside Story is here to ensure you make the most of your new fabric pendant light. This includes ensuring the  fabric pendant light is hung at the right height and in the perfect spot in the home. When hung too high, your pendant can lose its significance and become disconnected from the room. Too low and they can be intrusive. Customise your fabric pendant light in a shape that diffuses the light in the direction that you desire. Envelope a smaller space with light to help it appear more grandeur or add drama and height by choosing a shape that shines its light straight up into the ceiling. Visit the Inside Story online store or showroom and browse through the range of colour and design fabric pendant light options available. With our help and your design ideas, we can create a custom fabric pendant light that best reflects your personality and the character of your home.