Designer Lighting for Interior and Exterior

Beautiful interior styling, no matter the level of expertise that goes into the design, must complement the right lighting to achieve its highest potential. Whether you seek contemporary lighting options for interior or exterior spaces, Inside Story’s premium lighting catalogue offers the perfect solutions for each space. 

Lighting plays an impactful part in the home’s interior and exterior styling; emphasising statement pieces and unique design features while playing with light and shadows to adjust each space’s mood and atmosphere. 

Whether the goal is to provide functional lighting in dark areas outside or light up an interior area for increased functionality, each lighting choice will play a part in the home’s overall design and mood. 

Inside Story’s lighting catalogue offers an expansive range of versatile lighting options for each area of the home. Create a grand, welcoming entranceway with track lights and spots; illuminate a reading corner with moody, atmospheric floor lamp lighting; or highlight an artwork or design feature with custom made, contemporary pendant lighting.

With Inside Story’s lighting collection, staying eco-friendly while creating stylish spaces is effortlessly achievable. Our specially curated lighting catalogue includes environmentally friendly lighting options, such as Brightgreen LED lighting for all areas. 

The selection of premium lighting options in the Inside Story catalogue offers intelligent design options to minimise unsightly shadows while creating an inviting, calming ambience in each space. 

Premium Home Design with Luxury Lighting

Exterior lighting is ever important in its multi-functionality. This lighting provides security by illuminating dark areas and entrance points to the home while offering safety as one navigates the exterior design features of a beautiful patio, deck, and backyard.

Inside Story’s energy-saving lighting options make it easy to do your part to contribute to environmentally friendly initiatives. In contrast, the beautiful, modern lighting design contributes to a sleek, contemporary home style — keeping each space looking sleek and stylish, while elevating each room’s ambience. 

Our lighting catalogue offers beautifully designed pendant lighting options, including bespoke pendants, to add an extra unique touch to your space. Each lighting piece in our catalogue offers premium home styling, allowing you to create elegant lighting that is timeless and functional in its longevity and durability. 

Upon styling and decorating your home to its maximum potential, it is always important to highlight your efforts with luxurious, premium lighting. Optimise your home styling with Inside Story’s collection of beautiful home lighting fixtures. 

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Contemporary Lighting Options by Inside Story

Inside Story is a home furnishings label backed by interior design professionals with decades of experience. As a result, we are proud to offer personalised assistance in the home design process. 

We offer lighting consultations to guide you in selecting the right lighting for every interior and exterior space in your home — maximising the design potential of each space, according to your existing interior styling and preferences. This ensures you will be pleased with the lighting installed in your home while receiving guidance on optimising your lighting budget and maximising functionality throughout the process. 

The Inside Story team has extensive experience analysing the lighting needs of a unique home, enabling us to create a lighting plan for each space that considers all aspects of unique functionality, longevity, aesthetic preferences, and budget. 

Our online catalogue offering contains all lighting options available, while our interior design team is on hand to answer any questions you may have along the way. Inside Story aims to help each client and customer create a true dream home. 

From initial lighting consultation, all the way to final lighting selection and professional installation, we are passionate about providing an enjoyable home styling experience. 

At Inside Story, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, alongside expert styling advice and guidance — so that each customer may feel confident in selecting Inside Story products for all lighting requirements. 

Browse our contemporary online lighting catalogue for specially curated lighting options, both inside and out — or contact us today to book a consultation for custom lighting design. Each beautifully designed home deserves the best lighting it can get, and Inside Story’s catalogue can achieve this in every space.