Side Tables

Side Tables are a Great Design Piece

Side tables are a highlight of interior design, as side tables provide functional yet subtle design elements that tie more expressive pieces of furniture together. At Inside Story, we value beautifully crafted furniture, and our range of side tables is no exception.

Our side tables range is diverse, so you can fit each piece into the unique puzzle that is your home. We offer variety in size, shape, and style, with innovative approaches to functionality. 

Expertly Crafted Side Tables

Durability and functionality are must-haves for side tables. We’ve combined these elements with impressive craftsmanship to construct tables that beautifully complement your space. Our selection of side tables is carefully curated, offering all the choice you need while providing expertly crafted design. From magazine racks to sneaky hidden storage, and all kinds of minimalistic designs in between, Inside Story offers endless side tables choice.

Side tables are adaptable to any room in the house. - they can fill small corners, add functionality, and provide a decorative surface for accessories and lighting. Side tables fill space and complement existing decor, providing a final, polished feel. A room isn’t complete without several functional tablespaces. They are a crucial ingredient in showing off your favourite accessories, as well as acting as a surface to place your drink. 

At Inside Story, we’ve combined subtle design details with usability, to provide a versatile piece you can fit where you please. Our side tables provide an inspiring canvas for decoration. Bring them to life by adding your favourite candles, coffee table books, plants, and much more — the interior design possibilities are endless. Each of Inside Story’s side tables will act as an incredible backdrop to the treasured possessions you love to display. Side tables are a flexible design element that adds a homely touch to the room.

Explore our Side Tables Collection 

Inside Story’s collection of side tables offer a wide range of choice, delivering sophistication, elegance, and timeless design. Endless possibilities are available with our side tables range that varies by size and shape. 

We invite you to browse our vast online side tables catalog to find a side table that brings a new level of luxe to your home. Play with size, negative space, and various colour schemes to choose a table that adds a whole new dimension to the room. Mix and match with eye-catching shapes. Choose varying side table heights around your home to please the eye, or keep heights the same for a minimalistic atmosphere.

Have a specific side table size or vision in mind? Our bespoke side tables service offers you the chance to bring your dream side tables to life, customisable to the highest degree. If you require guidance in your design choices, or simply have a question you need answered, Inside Story’s design experts are here to help. Reach out through the selection process, and our specialists will guide you to finding the best side tables style match for your home.

Inside Story’s table range brings you more function, and more style — you will love how these tables compliment your home.